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  1. I havent been reemed a new asshole yet? whats the deal? are you guys slippin?
  2. ha... well this wall is under a bridge where some homeless people were living...and they had their little bonfire right up against the wall...so the smoke pretty much destroyed the piece that I painted over...Plus underneath what I painted...It said Sur 13 and I'm sure you know what that is...so I didnt disrespect that writer entirely....
  3. i'm a bluntaholic not much for drinkin....well except Cuervo
  4. hey ICEY it's me...and Imma just say...ya know...wink wink... i think we understand each other....
  5. so...tell that kid to lick your shoes
  6. Beer bongs are ill, they get u phucked up quick....but i wouldn't recommend a 40...(not all at once anyway)...
  7. The best 'fro' is the red headed girl in Dazed&Confused.... no...Einstein.. NO NO!!! DON KING!!! no...I'm stickin with the red headed girl.
  8. The title of the post is things that arouse me...
  9. goatees (how u spell that shit?) mens forearms(when muscular, like a guitar players) Victoria Secret Pear Glace summer days tans Khakis or cargo pants paint stained clothes hats massages tongues tats piercings white socks bubblebaths Britney Spears(don't lie that girl is HOT!) Wuv from POD rain camp fire the beach Hotels Scary movies(not to be confused with scary movie) smooth skin
  10. Beardo...u said the magic word(s)!
  11. Ms.Bombastic


    What I've seen of marriage is nothing worth wanting...
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