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  1. Much props on this years show, once again you guys oganized a good event with great talent. Good seeing a head from chicago up at the event (revise). Peace
  2. Saw the flick on opening night, overall very fun if your a sci fi fan. It didn't get a R rating but think about it there was still gore in this flick. Aliens getting there heads ripped off and guts coming out of them and shit. I knew the predators would win, since in Predator 2 when Danny Glover enters the predator ship you see on the trouphy case a alien skull. The only cheesy part in this flick was when the predator gives the black chick a spear and a shield. That shit looked gay as fuck, and I agree predator should of banged that big booty bitch!
  3. http://www.albumcovers.net/ldorekm89fms/maiden2.jpg'>
  4. I second that! I know this dumb columbian girl, hot also but man when she starts to laugh it's fuckn annoying. Half of the time I am trying to get in bed with her and she doesn't get the hint. I gave up on this dumb chick.
  5. !!!!!! http://www.bumfights.com/indecline/pics/9.jpg'>
  6. http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Brunettes/Brunette-03.gif'> http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Brunettes/Brunette-02.gif'> http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Brunettes/Brunette-01.gif'> http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Blondes/Blonde-04.gif'> http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Blondes/Blonde-06.gif'> http://bestanimations.com/Humans/Sexy/Blondes/Blonde-01.gif'>
  7. the windows media player files work perfect. no luck on the rest:o
  8. I am on a MAC, how can I get those links to work?
  9. you should of bottled that shit, it looked like some good ol moonshine!
  10. I think that was HR Giger that knocked Danzig on his arse-:crazy:
  11. here you go http://www.macserialjunkie.com/ http://www.serialz.to//
  12. I work at a pornstore with two ex-pornstars that have been in about 50 movies and one freaky goth chick. Man the goth chick loves to beat me in bed. All three are on a good rotation schedule.
  13. Very Fresh, I almost bought one at Cpop two years for 3 bills. Now I wish I did.:o
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