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  1. Any peeps from Vipers out there? HIt me up via pm..-Kef
  2. yo phor..you out there? gimme a holler thru pm..i need to talk
  3. some one from FBT GET AHOLD OF ME via PM
  4. moved to a new place, just got me and my girls shit together..photos is gigantic , sorry.
  5. Apeks, gimmie a holler via PM..
  6. Photos of the last record event. write up on the first event
  7. Mental 312 can you get ahold of me via pm, or if anyone from 312 can shoot me his email?..holler..
  8. this is whats up..the good ol' days..before the internet killed graffiti.
  9. for those that like to know, and for those that like to beat them to the punch... winners win... http://oururbantimes.com/ward-news/want-be-part-war-graffiti
  10. earl, i'm the organizer of the event and yes, they will be a regular event..every other month..
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