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  1. drip drip fill a visine bottle with etch put the top back on. its hard to control the drips but when you get it, don't forget it. just don't squirt it in your eye, i write poison and a skull and crossbones on my bottles. also if you leave the visine logo on, cops won't be able to bust you with possesion of etch. if a cop stops you just tell him its visine, maybe he'll try it out and go blind and catch cancer and die. anyways don't be stupid with it, if you don't trust yourself, scratch the label off and put warning signs on it. you don't want yer fam and friends to go blind and die. where i'm from we got a serious buff problem, shit ride for less than a week, so etch is the only thing they don't buff, thats why i do it, call it stupid call it evil, come to new orleans, hang out with me on bourbon st. at the strip clubs, chill with the crack dealers, junkies, and prostitutes. some of us deal with some bugged out shit. fuck a window.............. evak one 504
  2. belowscenelevel.com this link's got some graff but mostly underground hiphop out of that 504. hey sees email evak at evakula@hotmail.com he lost yer # Offensive Habits New Orleans Only Hydro N Optimos
  3. :idea: :idea: click the link below. :idea:
  4. Dude Seriously Whassup with "Checkin The Fences"? I heard Goose Jones has an album coming out with songs about Ashlie, smokin weed with jesus, and rockin steel. back to the top biatch^
  5. I'm glad to see people worldwide giving there condolences and respect to Joe, he was a good friend and a big reason I got as far in graff today. Hanging out with him in high school, throw ups in class, trading blackbooks, seeing his style develop since ninth grade. Plus riding around in his saturn while harrassing everyone in the French Quarter We had good times. He was bout it, bout it with graff. ya'll see that in his handstyle, throws, pieces, etc. Big ups to his friends up north and worldwide, we truly are blessed with memories of King Fuel. His heart will be a part of my art till I'm gone. R.I.P. FUEL aka GYROS aka Dense peace to Ill Nation Crew & MaeMae(ASK) sincerely, EVAKONE
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