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  1. you hear one song you hear em all, Game is a biter and stole the rhyme concepts for that song where he uses album names from another dude on the west coast anyway,and G-unit is bandwagon as fuckkk. Beats are probably all dope though.
  2. post some ReS flicks hes dope as fuck but kinda slept on it seems.
  3. the homosexual part is tru because the malnutritioned would feed on the homosexuals till the resource was gone dunny.
  4. GrImeY


    when it comes to mixed drinks its Long Island Iced Tea fo sho Beer Corona but when im broek i get 32 ounce miCKeys ice, shits gross but gets ya going.
  5. Im italian and catholic and yea its fucking sick about some of that shit. But you gotta think who in the fuck is gonna be a priest. I mean there are some good ones but thats a huge commitment and there definitely is a ton of fucking wierd ones dun. Dont let the religion fool you either though this recent outbreak is catholic but alot of other religions have their problems to without a doubt.
  6. Bombing bums is fucking dope. Your shit will run for months dun.
  7. GrImeY


  8. GrImeY

    boring sex

    I feel ya son I need a freaky girl man. She doesnt have to suck my dick after I fuck her in the ass haha but she needs to be down for whatever ya know.
  9. Anyone know if mystic journeymen sing a song called a side block? I have been looking for the shit to down load and I cant find the mother fucker.
  10. GrImeY

    marijuana bullshit

    Wow dropping 500 on an ounce is hilarious, I wish I knew where that was. Around my neck of the woods shits like 60 bucks an ounce for regs. All in all though those kids do get on my nerves the ones who do the shit solo and everyday and the kids that do it to fit in, but fuck it what can you do?
  11. all of the suburban middle class kids that buy 75% of it. and ILL BILL
  12. the opposite sex dunny without a doubt cmon man.
  13. NO doubt man. SIgnificant others do man. I had one myself for a bit: I mean its easy to get whipped on a girl when you can get pussy whenever you want and you grow close to one but I mean I would still paint alot at first then I started thinking about if I was whipped or not and all that shit and started painting, playing sports and hanging with my friends instead of her coming first and I lost her. I mean having a girl has its ups and downs but unless your planning on getting married leave time for your boys and all the shit you enjoy doing cause your friends are their for life.
  14. the goth pics are ridiculous and the amount posted proves to me you gotta get away from the comp dunny
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