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  1. sorry.... :( I just like my name....I used to have that spelling but lost it in the whole encrypted password fiasco...:(
  2. sorry...I know this thread was almost dead :spent:, but I had to drop my 2 cents... (and once again......)
  3. I shouldn't have been so brash with my statement of gayness either... "Kill em' All" is actually pretty damn heavy. And I'll rock out to Sabbath (only with Ozzy of course) any day!!! But a big word up to heads who don't confine their metal tastes to whats on the radio....there's much good underground metal to be heard.... props to my man who heard of Devourment!!!
  4. 40ozProfit

    Rochester NY

    PENN still write out there???
  5. adikted to metal is good... I think it's all just their crew though... but they got talent and it's listed by writer
  6. be unique... you could argue that as long as your scribble and throwie are different from someone with the same word you'll still be recognized... but I think a big part of our whole mission is to be an individual... I say try keeping the letters you like and rearrange them.... dont be 2, 3, or 29....be one!
  7. oh yeah... sorry. i know there's no need for beef on here...but dammit...
  8. 40 oz Prophet Your names a little to close for comfort.... I haven't been around long, but longer than you...I'm even at the beginning of this thread...c'mon....:mad: :mad: you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...:mad:
  9. gay, gay, gay and ummmmmmm gay... Candiria, Dying Fetus, Brutal Truth and Devourment...
  10. try taking a few of your half-empty paint markers and mixing them for quick custom colors...add a little yellow or white (making dark colors light seems to work best). DecoColors, UniBall even WoodCraft open up fairly easily.
  11. Oh and I don't know any Canadiens but their music channel usually kicks both MTV's asses...
  12. ha ha...after all that I missed the show...It sounds like they showed most of that during the preview...I just like how Virus said that "somehow graff got mixed up in all this hip-hop stuff..." and thats why they were outside on the back wall while everyone else was inside... whutever
  13. If you get Much Music on cable you might wanna check out some thing they're having on the 604 Vancouver Hip Hop Festival. I guess it's on Sunday...some show called Going Coastal. They just had a 5 minute thing on the "lost art of graff..." with Virus droppin some knowledge...whutever...it might be cool speaking of good stuff...TURK 182 was on HBO today...
  14. big-up zack morris for getting that whole thing...my issue of rolling stone was ganked along time ago and I've been hunting for that for a while...good stuff JA covered the city so well he was imposible to avoid...I've seen him in various NYC cop shows, PEPSI ads with Shaq, and if I recall correctly he has a guest appearance in a Nightmare on Elm St. flick...
  15. hell yeah Nicole Eggert was hot... Willie Ames was a crack-head...
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