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  1. :yuck: Yuk. Those plaid sheets look like they need to be washed!
  2. :beat: cripes. i must be the oldest person here. my first show was 7seconds in like '87 or '88. i'm lovin the death metal and irate these days.
  3. i'm down. hopefully it'll loosen things up in there - i haven't crapped in a week.
  4. SmellyCouch


    i usually vote libertarian. yay! politics are fun - sometimes i go work for ......delete:(
  5. my fave (nonfiction) book ever is "cannibal killers". fiction - i like (authors) raymond carver, richard brautigan and william h. gass. other than that i read biomedical research papers all day.
  6. i dress like a hooker so i can make some extra $$$ when i'm out writing my name on things.
  7. i'm just old. my skateboard is like 2 feet wide.
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