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  1. thanks casek. i used to have peer guardian but it slowed my shit down too much. then i eventually got a shit load of spyware because of the peer guardian. they dont have wireless networks out here yet and i dont have any choice of internet providers either. so if my shit gets cancelled again i'm back to an isdn line :shakehead:
  2. any of you guys ever get a notice from your internet provider stating that you need to cease downloading/uploading torrents or get your line cut? I did. and didn't listen and then about 2 months later i'm guessing they got a letter from the mpaa and my line was cut. i had to fill out a bunch of paper work just to get another line. is there a sure fire way of hiding your isp? i don't think you can. anyone heard of dark torrents? my boy told me that will be the next generation in ripping stuff. no isp available for the mpaa to see.
  3. saw this today San Francisco cracks down on 20-million dollar graffiti problem Graffiti is a 20-million dollar nuisance in San Francisco, but now with the reluctant help of one of the city's most notorious graffiti artists the city is trying to crack down on the crime. (AP) http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/videos/news/20060824p2g00m0in011000c.html ^check link for video
  4. just finished watching Edmond. really really dark comedy. kinda grim throughout the whole film. like watching someone fuck up continually. you never get to be comfortable with the main character. the ending is disturbing as well. i dont think i got the point so im going to have to watch it again. if you like chewing on glass i guess you should watch this.
  5. fermentor (after rereading) sorry my bad. to clarify yeah descent was way better than the cave. i downloaded both at the same time and i was suprised at how similar they were. the cave wasted soo much money on ships and soldiers and just sucked, descent did a great job with the budget they had. all i know is that youre never going to get me in one of thoughs confined spaces climbing through shit as a weekend hobby.
  6. the grizzly man a documentary about a pansy that goes out to the woods and thinks he can live with the bears. too funny to explain any further. im not going to ruin it but my favorite line is from a pilot that is asked about the main character. he is asked why dont you think the bears have killed him? and he responds "i dont know i mean they probably thought he was retarded or something and felt sorry for him." the descent >(cool movie poster)< i wasnt expecting much more than a low budget b movie and was pleasantly suprised. not like holy shit i got to buy the dvd good but more like hey this horror movie isnt that bad i might just chill and watch it type. i also watched the cave which is the exact same premise but way better. interesting for films buffs to compare the 2 and see how not to waste millions on dumb backstory and useless boats and props. survival island/ three 2005 again not awesome but more like descent, it passes the time without getting boring. a low budget film about a cruise ship that goes down and the only people on the island are an asshole millionaire, his wife, and the hispanic boat hand. they each try to get the wife to take the meat from only them. some weird voodoo crossover that makes no sense but all in all entertaining.
  7. also i watched a few documentaries, one about noam chomsky which was pretty good if youre into what he has to say. and another one called the corporation which was kinda slow at times but very informative. both ripped from torrent spy.
  8. ^ saw that three burials last night. it was pretty cool. i also just finished worlds fastest indian. i loved it. anthony hopkins plays a kiwi that rides his old as 1000cc motorcycle 210 mph. one of those life movies that shows that to get anything out of life you need to persevere regardless.
  9. serum


    how old are you? you should have no problem buying paint anywhere but I wouldnt suggest racking it. the police look at theft being worse than vandalism and you can't beat 200 yen hardware store spray. paint in osaka the law is pretty laid back. kyoto on the other hand is pretty strict about graffiti since its considered historical. my nice deed for the day:p .
  10. overloader, i`d say lose the kanji.
  11. ^ this comment reminds me of an article i read in the newspaper recently about a pakastani woman that was in her kitchen cooking when that big earth quake hit. she was trapped for like 63 days. she was able to survive by eating whatever she could grab from under the rubble. luckily a stream ran close to the house and she was able to drink. when the family of the victim was asked why didnt you look for her they said oh we thought she was either dead or somewhere else and besides i had other family members to look after. if i was her id wish that i was dead.
  12. this is a graffiti site and i dont give a mother fuck about allah. you want to talk religion start your own thread. yo you get a shoe to the noggin fool just for trying to kick that shit here because no one cares. this isn`t islam.com so basically youre preaching on deaf ears. and no one holds my life in thier hands accept myself. smoke crack you`ll feel better.
  13. ^ stuff like that is what im interested in reading about. you can actually get money for installing solar panels?? if thats true thats pretty cool. this crap about guns however :huh2:
  14. and to think the only thing i have in stock and surplus is weed. i cringe at the thought of running out. :innocent: but seriously, very interesting topic villian. what about those survival courses where youre stuck in the middle of the forest for 30 days and you need to survive off of bark and berries? id like to know how to survive without having to eat my friends like that move "Alive". im having thoughts of night of the comet dawn of the dead and rambo at the same time.
  15. Japan HS magazine run by VERY all Japan graff, focus on West Japan plus asian graffiti from Korea, China, Thailand, Philipines hs_magazine@yahoo.co.jp Kaze magazine run by KRES all Japan graff, focus on East Japan sometimes specials featuring westcoast graffiti kazemag.com
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    The Babble

    http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35516176.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35516195.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35516207.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35516158.jpg'>
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    The Babble

    http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35515099.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35515083.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL228/1517544/2897872/35515112.jpg'>
  18. the only japanese group that i know of thats good is melt banana. but i've only been to a few shows. they charge like $20-30 a show, the groups all sound like american cover bands, and the dancing is ridiculous. like one person will dance at a time and they wait in line and the next guy comes swings his arms around and when he finishes the next dork comes up. its seriously retarded. like performance hardcore dancing. i'd love to just run jump kick grab mics and have everyone dance at the same time but they just dont get it.:confused: anyways thanks i'll check them out and let you know .
  19. no problem i just have to look you up when i'm in your area. your stuff was still up until last week. the city buffed the whole river spot and even further :bawling: yeah i miss hardcore. cheap shows, great music, and canvas vans. however i dont miss the lame people that went to the shows though, they can go to hell.:hatred: aka unpopular jocks that dont drink but need some serious anger management classes:heated:
  20. moss icon julia stilllife born against rorsasch iconoclast endpoint econochrist falling forward lifetime downcast struggle man is the bastard los crudos ressurection shelter[old stuff] 108 current lifetime impetus inter avail universal order of armageddon campaign insted billingsgate turningpoint youth of today dws wolfpack bleed spitboy honeywell raid
  21. http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/79705898521/18484719lg.jpg'> chokehold http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484722lg.jpg'> cornerstone http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484720lg.jpg'> current http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484723lg.jpg'> endpoint http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484773lg.jpg'> endpoint http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484771lg.jpg'> everlast http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484775lg.jpg'> gadje http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484770lg.jpg'> ressurection http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484822lg.jpg'> strife http://home.hpphoto.com/sessions/33531898521/18484823lg.jpg'> strife few pics from my hardcore days.
  22. serum


    dont let your girlfriend ride your bike ever!!! ive been riding my bike ever since ive moved out of america and i love it. well recently i moved north into the mountains, where the weather is pretty bad in the winter so it was obvious that i couldnt ride my bike anymore. also they have this wierd snow deterent which shoots jetstreams of water all over in order to keep the roads ice free. don't ask. so i bought a car and reluctantly let my girlfriend ride my bike. i could quickly see that she was incaple of riding a bike even with training wheels but she insisted that her 110 frame needed to lose weight so i said fine but please be careful. after 2 days of riding she calls me to let me know that she was hit by a car. luckily she wasnt hurt but the rear tire was bent. she blamed my bike saying that the steering was horrible and the brakes were retarded. hmmm? it was fine when i rode it. i went to go pick up my ruined bike and the whole way she complained how the brakes didnt work and she rode right in front of the car because they didnt work. when she tried to turn left it would go right and when she would turn right it would go left, the brakes and gears are difficult to reach. huh????i get out of the car look at the bike, then look at her, then look to the sky and say oh my god!?? lord have mercy on her soul. the handle bars were backwards and she rode like 3 kilometers that way without noticing the splash gear on the wrong side, the brakes at her thumbs, and the gears backwards. i laughed the whole way home but my bike is ruined.
  23. serum


    thanks for the help everyone. yeah a reflective wrap probably isn't too cool. the local bike shop consists of an old japanese man that speaks really thick osaka-ben and yells at me if i come to his store asking questions, so i've given up there. but riding up and down mountains has gotten me a taste for biking. thanks again
  24. serum


    can anyone help me out? okay two questions. recently i got my hands on a trek. i've never had a real bike before and though the thing is kinda rusty and may possibly be like 10 years old i was wondering if theres anything i can buy to prevent my pants from getting caught in the gears. i have ruined 3 pairs of work pants. my biker friend in america used to put rubber bands on his pants. since i'm not as cool as him and riding a bike in a suit with rubber bands is out of the question. second question, while im riding lets say i'm going pretty fast and i no longer need to peddle. then after gliding along i try to peddle again and my fucking feet go like 3 rotations before i catch up with it. this has resulted in my foot flying off the peddle and bruising the back the of my right foot and my left knee hitting the gear shifter and now my knee is purple. is this normal for treks? or is it because its old and rusty. any suggestions. should i buy some new parts or something. i know i sound retarded but i've been a skateboarder forever and skating to work considered unproffesional.
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