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  1. A little lesson in street respect that maybe have gotten lost with you younger cats.. If someone does a spot and is the first one or first after a fresh buff, let that shit ride! until it gets buffed again, its called SIDEBUSTING!! or spot jocking! and its gets shit buffed. Unless you got/wanna start beef, in the same crew or are a serious OG let that shit ride! Used to be common knowledge, whats wrong with you toys? dont get you heads all swoll cause youve been bombing for a year.. get back to us in 5-7. and yeah, some shit had to get disssed.
  2. Maine heads and YME running the new Infamous #7, great to see.
  3. No worries man! Cool to hear those stories about Takt and Rite been benching those dudes since 98-99. Love hearing about under the radar dedicated fr8 heads!
  4. By overlooked I mean, dudes that have been steadily putting in work since the 90's, but you dont see them in all the mags, books, posts, or vids. Maybe they dont have the "dopest" style or have shitty car selection.. but they are supremely dedicated and keep painting decade after decade. I would definatley add Herion, Here's my thing with Ono- might be unpopular, but yeah he straight crushed from like 99-02. Maybe was one of the first dudes to get 1000. But then he just stopped, latest one ive seen is from 04. And he still gets in mags and books, yeah he deserves it for historical reasons, but dudes like the one's I mentioned are still painting decade after decade and get little shine. I just think longevity and commitiment are very crucial.
  5. With the Internet and books by non freight writers skewing the game a bit, I wanted to give my shouts out to the writers that have been contributing to the culture longer than most with little shine. These Dudes I have been benching since the 90's. Thanks.. any others come to mind? Takt- AKB Rite- AKB Shore-IHP Jale- TVC Space- BMC, ITD Learn- YME, (T) Ugly- KOS
  6. Not being overly critical bro. 99% of those hands are crap.
  7. Its not just one part it the MOST important and essential part! it gives everything else credibility. Without a good hand you are a spray can artist.. not a writer! Which is fine if that's what you want to be, but call yourself a artist. Not a writer, thats offensive as hell to writers who have sacrificed loves, life, time, money, and health for this. A writer is a trade and skill that is judged by other writers only, that's why hands matter so much. That said you can also master both (see RICH) but that takes decades and more. I dont want to hear about your art show after five years of doing the legal wall and bridge spots. I dont want to hear that you once bombed in another country or state somewhere else when you where young, but now "you are old at 30" and dont have time for kid stuff like bombing. If that's what you wanna do cool.. but dont ever EVER use graffiti to sell your "spray paint art" because it "edgy".. WRITERS catch tags for life! Yeah you might take time off to raise a child, or move somewhere, chill with a new career, but you ALWAYS come back! its not a hobby, its not something to get you ahead in life or make money. Its a lifestyle a commitment to the history and trade of a legacy of past writers! Its a statement against private property and the buying and selling of everything, its true freedom! Only drippy tags, dusted throw ups, roof top silvers, bathroom scribes, monikers and rolling metal can keep that alive! So remember.. hands are everything! and when you say your a WRITER, know what that means and the legacies you are standing for! Peace.. keep bombing!
  8. The Jask aint bad.. little generic and no orginality, but a good start and base for a newer writer.
  9. Re up this bitch.. all recently caught and benched in the Northeast.
  10. Doe your a toy! you paint other peoples spots then put it on you tube, your a fucking idiot! Nobody cares about your generic shit..
  11. Hey Blame.. stop tagging on stuff that heats up shit.. if you dont know the rules, do some research! Yove been warned!
  12. HAHA!! Sub isnt a graffiti writer so the definition of "burn" doesnt even apply to him. That word is reserved for people that actually paint graffiti! and even you did include Sub, he doesnt burn shit but bridges in this scene!! REAL TALK YOU FUCKIN TOY!
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