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Posts posted by fr8oholic

  1. Originally posted by KING OF HELL

    So. I have a Puegot Carbon fibre from the late eighties. i love it but i was wondering if its going to be ok to convert into a fixed gear. it has the vertical rear drop outs and i heard thats a problem. any help here?



    no dice king...


    you will need horizontal (or almost horizontal) dropouts to run fixed.

  2. Originally posted by chester

    yeah, and oil has nthing to do with it

    and speaking of treaties, thin about all the treaties that Bush through out the window when got the white house.

    And if Irak is so bad, why not take down north korea are while you at it? Seems to me like they have broken some seroius treaies as well...FUCK BUSH


    please be specific

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