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    totally agree. but in this case... giving money to the artist is kinda difficult seeing as he's dead. and the point of leaving someone in charge of your estate (aka his artwork/name/image etc.) is to have someone you trust to make those decisions in your absence.
  2. thynk_one


    if you read about the shoes in Sneaker Freaker..or any of the blogs that these images were pulled from you would know that the designer worked closely with Dondis brother on everything about the shoe..which is probably the closest thing to asking dondi himself. and how do you know his estate is not getting paid? as far as who wears the shoes...nobody can control that...but at least they are trying to do something to celebrate a true legend in this game. which is more then you can say about a lot of companies capitolizing off this shit.
  3. Sag is dope. there is at least one fresh spot near burlington that I have been too before. you got any tunnel/bridge spot flicks?
  4. seriously..i can't even begin to understand how some of you can NOT say 'fuck bush'. I can only assume that most of you are under 30 and are not wealthy. (..maybe i am wrong)... and you are essentially supporting a man who will almost certainly have devastating effects on the things you will depend on when your older. Things like Social Security, the budget deficit, healthcare.. the economy. Never mind the fact this guy wants to ban abortion, ban gay marriage, put prayer back in schools, send more kids to war for a lie, and basically THINKS HE IS FOLLOWING GODS WILL IN THE FIGHT OF GOOD AGAINST EVIL! (aka. the war on terror) now. call me a liberal, a hippie or whatever.. but i think its WRONG to force the most populated (and educated) parts of this nation to live under Bushs interpretation of his Gods will. its a goddamn shame that this country just gave him a pat on the back and said..'great job bushy...keep it up' and reassured the rest of the world that we are indeed a bunch of ignorant cowboys who get most of their information from sound bites on TV news. I say fuck bush, fuck 'healing the nation' and fuck right wing evangelicals. CIVIL WAR NOW! anyway. check this out...
  5. thynk_one

    Kem 5

    The pit was a dope spot. I have flicks of a bunch of stuff down there including the 3A prodo... Dont think you can paint there anymore though.. last year it was all covered over.
  6. SF wall... Synk, S.51 (top right), Twice, Never, Emen
  7. http://www.projectsf.com/flicks/ProjectSF_UP-04.jpg'>
  8. Very cool. In my travels there I only saw AK-47 up...didn't know there was anything else. Props on getting up though... you have it much harder than most if not everyone else.
  9. i'd love to see a good flick of the Prism piece.. as well as the finished ALA wall. Good times.
  10. http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/10.jpg'> Mad http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/11.jpg'> Cope http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/30.jpg'> Stae
  11. some of what i got... http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/0.jpg'> SF wall close-up http://www.projectsf.com/flicks/SF_StyleSummit_04.jpg'> whole wall http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/25.jpg'> Bed http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/26.jpg'> Knows http://www.projectsf.com/style_summit_04/style_summit-Images/24.jpg'> Can2
  12. Re: Re: --> HAHA.... why try at all then? if you are not trying to impress the people who actually do it... then accept defeat now. You'lll never be any good.
  13. http://www.projectsf.com/flicks/OuijaSynkHigh.jpg'> http://www.projectsf.com/flicks/ouija_htfrd.jpg'> word word. Sup ouij.
  14. is that a duro piece? i thought it was Sader KWOTA might be wrong... but it looks like his style. hot flick none the less. whats the date on that?
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