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  1. yea i sure have heard of them im a fucking member for christ sake nah im just joking but yea there a good band. and i dont think it will ever be mainstream
  2. really good that nerd is off the hook
  3. ok my scanner is broken.... but post up flicks of your girls names or what not that youve done for yours truly.
  4. thats itd spek, shit man know the fuckin facts.
  5. makros u crack me up and as for shameless there i laughed and i thought you were a raver till i looked at the getup kkids tee which i like
  6. BullFROG


    its good very very good but its been posted 9 fucking times so stop posting the same shit over and over again.:mad: :mad:
  7. BullFROG


    Baltimore looks fucking good all my thumbs go up:cool:
  9. i love action shots for some reason post some if u got em....
  10. nice did u guys happen to hit up the northeastern part of the state recently with venus?
  11. 11 fingers up for that one nice nice post and a lot of good information:D
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