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  1. best jase i have ever seen. oh and that revok looking shit, man come on. stop allready. -jerk182
  2. YO VYALS EDIT YOUR LAST POST NOW!!!!!!!! this board is watched by the powers that be...................... -jerk182
  3. thanks for bringing this back...................... anyone got new shit? -jerk182
  4. thats a REALLY clean streak tag. twist, quality control. -jerk182
  5. Jerk182


    i cant remember the year but i was still in junior high. years before i ever started trying to draw those cool "graffiti letters" i started seeing in all the skate magazines, i noticed orfn. visiting family in sf walking through some park i saw it sideways on a pole, then on the corner of the curb, on the bustop, on the payphone, and i could read it even though it was spelled WRONG! my head was spinning "what if he is an orphan?" "i wonder if he is really short to paint those curbs?" "why is it spelled that way?" "how many people write it?" "is it a gang?" "what is that thing after the 'n' " i
  6. RECENT surge of ups. jaze put neo gen2 muk ufo (trucks!) setup's been getting the rooftops. fees mista same mode darks and drast i dont even like much of this stuff but i saw it a lot in nyc. (of course im forgetting many.... heres some excuses, the bronx is its own country. queens is far away. brooklyn is big, manhattan is played, staten island is worthless etc. etc.) some others have slowed down but the cycle continues. there will be more tommorow..................................... and remember dont hate on "toys" who else keeps things hard to buff? it takes 100 kids sta
  7. Jerk182


    http://www.capitalgold.dk/grafbilleder/S-tog/RensSek/RensSek1/Rens3.JPG'> ive never seen anyone do their highlights BEFORE their outline. weird. rens is tight. funk! baby. -jerk182
  8. sick. where did such go anywayz.......... -jerk182
  9. when a bad idea goes................bad. deanne snider? yikes. -jerk182
  10. i cant wait for this. (tell me what i missed......) -jerkdialup182
  11. holyfuckinperfection. -jerk182
  12. back when muse was at the top of his game. -jerk182
  13. SEUS was loose! this guy was fresh. one of the few people who i thought had a truly loose flow like ghost. seus' shit rocks. his throw is nice as well, the e is just awesome. was he spook as well? -jerk182
  14. http://www.freightoftheday.com/freightofthedaydotcomday45.jpg'> had to post this. DAMN! thats fucking dope. freightoftheday still on the daily. thanks to whoever. -jerk182
  15. WOW! lets hear it for guys with multiple styles> that fuksh and maes shit is incredible. -jerk182 europeans (?) win. (horrible generalization.) but true. ?? dope! rebus. if you have pictures of these things would you be interested in trading? i can make it worth it, air mail and all..................
  16. http://freephoto-i.net/users/669/3776'> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . http://freephoto-i.net/users/669/3782'> *same user* ugh. -jerk182
  17. http://freephoto-i.net/users/395/1494'> ? -jerk182
  18. ufo is the best female writer i have never met. ufo does not do highlights. graffiti sucks. -jerk182
  19. off of fukjburke.com small site never seen it before. -jerk182
  20. all the graffiti you guys are going over on those krl flats with your pretty color pieces WILL be noticed. (whether you buff out the remainders or not). think twice. -jerk182
  21. Jerk182


    http://www.lay-lo.com/steel/images/111901_frght_tie.jpg'> thought this should go here........ -jerk182
  22. this threads been derailed for far too long........ http://upwarddrip.com/graf/porn.jpg'> this is off of upwarddrip.com, anyone else found anything lately? all praise king charock -jerk182
  23. http://twincities.puregraffiti.com/Media/much25.jpg'> from twincities' may update. this site has a buttload of midwest stuff. http://www.bemflix.com/update51302/fr8_king002.jpg'> also off bemflix updated today. jesus bem your site goes deep. looks like king157 hooked you up with some goodies. thanks for putting them up. -jerk182
  24. i hear you on the old lp smell. not the dust but the paper. pipe tobacco before its burned, cigar shops. ultra flat too.... i had 2 girlfriends in a row who wore some victoria's secret pear lotion on the daily. god damn its memorable. sometimes i still smell it in elevators on expensive women. cinnabon at the mall the airport (what the hell is this vegan thing anyways, fucking torture?) campfires untill you cant get it out of everything you own for weeks. the arboretum. FIREWORKS! i wish my sniffer worked a little better. (wear your mask) -jerk182
  25. hey dez......... i like your site. its organized well and easy to navigate, good shit. thanks -jerk182 oh yeah, freight of the day is still updated daily. (pleasantly suprised.)
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