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  1. bumping this post from 3 years ago. just read it today for the first time. amazing, feels like a nyc time capsule. -jerk182
  2. Jerk182


    whoa........ chase gold! -jerk182
  3. http://kept1.com/albums/charlie/lulu1.sized.jpg'> http://kept1.com/albums/charlie/smith.sized.jpg'> http://kept1.com/albums/charlie/ket1.sized.jpg'> http://kept1.com/albums/charlie/frank.sized.jpg'> http://kept1.com/albums/charlie/perez.sized.jpg'> these and 20 others are on kept1.com DOPE! anyone else? -jerk182
  5. that ufo squid thing..............whoa. -jerk182
  6. ZEROXNSTNYC quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Jerk182 this thread is dope. i like those old setup tags. his new unite inspired ones are pretty fresh as well. got any unite flicks? boss scribes. twist and alert scarily influential writers. graffiti definately could be split into a post twist era as far as tagging goes. good shit -jerk182 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iginally posted by ZEROXNSTNYC [/i] You mean as far as frisco is concerned?? the bay and the rest of the country as well i would say. twist came out right about when magazines really started blowing up as well as the freight scene. shit got spread around. remember magazines that would run all pieces and along all the full color shit there would be 1 crispy twist tag. thats how standout and dope that shit was. hadnt seen much like it before him. all the calligraphy and sign painting references tossed into a real clean basic nyc tag style can still be seen im most the tags you see today. -jerk182
  7. wow canadian graff it getting a LOT easier to look at. virus used to be the only tolerable dude i could remember. maybe cosoe and dedos too, but i was a pretty young and easily fooled by clean lines. anyone feeling me? -jerk182
  8. a lot of reas biting accusations go flying around here but got dam this shit is bit for bit, bite for bite. http://www.fototime.com/{E84D0469-A493-48A1-ABFA-111D305F0D77}/picture.JPG'> i still kinda like it though. is it better to have people biting my heroes than all that other shit i hate? i dunno but............... http://www.fototime.com/{14AB228A-1A67-4731-9413-C9F548EEBF45}/picture.JPG'> holy shit loco fuk wins. (around the numbers!) -jerk182
  9. this thread is dope. i like those old setup tags. his new unite inspired ones are pretty fresh as well. got any unite flicks? boss scribes. twist and alert scarily influential writers. graffiti definately could be split into a post twist era as far as tagging goes. good shit -jerk182
  10. thats the best zine ive ever seen. -jerk182
  11. god damn this thread is good. thanks classico. -jerk182
  12. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00353100f00000035.jpg'> from willy wonkers thread. anyone else? -jerk182
  13. Jerk182

    stop rape...

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00328002f00000292.jpg'> ive always wondered what the colored horizontal stripes in the upper right corner of this phot are. i see them on a lot of gondolas and always assumed it was some kind of identifying mark that isnt used anymore or never caught on or somthing. anyone know? -jerk182
  14. whoa. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid69/p7ada9d534f9aad8b73fdd69789391314/fbb971b3.jpg'> only one of these ive ever seen. dope. -jerk182
  15. this movie fucking sucks. it reminds me of when i first got to college and every priveleged little shithead was so busy "finding themselves", dying to hear themselves talk with all these new opinions now that mom and dad arent around. fuck this shit. no content just corny basic philosophy babble, misusing all those new words they heard in their last lecture trying to sound fucking intelligent. mixing the word paradigm into phrases like, "isnt it like amazing to just you know sit and think about stuff". i really hated that movie. the animation was shit too. all of it looked like video what was shot too cheap and uninteresting so they had to run it through some corny filters and pass it on to the animators to try and make bearable for 2 hours. the logical point of animating something would be to create scenarios and images that cant really be done with a real image. not just make a shitty video sketchy and shaky in an attempt make it feign content. i could give a fuck what those people had to say much less what someone wrote for them to say. dumb. -jerk182
  16. http://www.urban75.org/photos/newyork/images/ny069.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/newyork/images/ny189.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/brixton/photos/images/189.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/london/images/lon015.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/london/images/lon134.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/newyork/images/ny327.jpg'> http://www.bigbusty.net/busty/jenny/pics/s06.jpg'> http://www.bigbusty.net/busty/jenny/pics/s03.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/london/images/lon258.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/newyork/images/ny130.jpg'> http://www.urban75.org/photos/newyork/images/ny173.jpg'> stumbled onto this site searching for the old g word............ i guess this should be in brickslayers. fix it if you care. -jerk182
  17. holy shit! graffiti got tired........... thanks city slicker. -jerk182
  18. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334799f00000050.jpg'> wow this is the only thor freight ive ever seen. all soul glow! anyone got more thor shit? -jerk182
  19. hey naoum whats happeing in that picture? looks like and electrocution swing or something... -jerk182
  20. fucking revs. pinacle of this game. if tom waits grew up in brooklyn and was way too pissed to sing maybe he would be doing this. but not really, no descripition could be that easy, revs is next level graffiti, and has been for over a decade. he made the switch. pioneered some shit and rose above. (or below that is). left the fill-in kids in the dust. the adult approach. a calculated win = WORK!working class soul? its right there under your feet, in the darkness as you ride the by trying not to look any of the other robots in the eye, while you all silently take the train to your 9-5. didnt mean to write this much but revs is on some other shit. if these pages are ever compiled for the public i'll be suprised. they dont seem to be written for anyone but the troopers. i have some flicks but im not sure if its right to post them. i gotta think about it. -jerk182
  21. fuck. thats real. still kicking as he bled to death. sometimes i worry these things will stay in my head forever, and make me a bad person me in my sleep. i wish i hadnt watched that. -jerk182
  22. http://www.utrechtcs.com/pictures/camel/nyc/nyc2.jpg'> oh god.............. -jerk182
  23. i like this thread. glad its back. recently saw some very well done IWW shit. done in oilbar very good socialist propaganda poster art looking stuff. workers of the world unite. could this get stickied? -jerk182
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