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  1. Jerk182


    imposter........................... quit NOW! Down To Kill. -jerk182
  2. cool to see that king and zen still rollin around. suprised its not more faded. -jerk182
  3. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00251011f00000023.jpg'> this flick is rad. just plain write on peoples shit. thats all that really matters. -jerk182
  4. dope! rome subways, the next best thing............. -jerk182
  5. once again impressed by lewis. dope! -jerk182
  6. http://www.thesoulfamily.com/images/pics/jome/jome0226.jpg'> not that i havent seen this shit a million times now, but, as of seeing this picture im thinking to myself, "this style is officially tired! time for a nap willy." -jerk182
  7. nise, king of the keyboard jockeys. ride sally ride. FUNK letters. -jerk182
  8. nise, king of the keyboard jockeys. ride sally ride. FUNK letters. -jerk182
  9. KOSE htf has done more graffiti than you could ever imagine, quit while your still behind..... -jerk182
  10. every now and then penis makes my thumb go waaaay up...... uh. yeah. its dope. that philly throw style is neat too cool flow. -jerk182
  11. fucking rad. thanks for sharing............................... that katie piece reminds me of the no outline shit (crap!) muse is doing now. except it was like 8 years ago. i miss old muse. i like that last sane. -jerk182
  12. kinda seems like the jabs of (canada?). lots of different styles but pretty damn hit or miss. -jerk182
  13. http://www.subwayoutlaws.com/Interviews/CAVSSSS_copy.jpg'> 3 times on one page is still not enough...................... holy shit! pinnacle. -jerk182
  14. ive seen those spiders too. at the tops off the ladders. pretty cool. recently saw "go back to school" some one had replied "but its summertime." -jerk182 (hadn't been to a yard in a looooooooong time)
  15. the fishing bear the goose the pimpish bear and the rad flick with the taxi. cool. -jerk182
  16. Jerk182


    http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/6-26-00_oro.jpg'> in another post scotchwhiskeo wrote................ sad day. take a look before the buff slowly erases another writers existence. LOOK at almost EVERY outdoor payphone in nyc and you'll see oro. http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/5-24-00_oro.jpg'> http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images/3-6-00_oro.jpg'> dope bomber, smart tags, simple style and fresh throws. what more could you ask for? http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images/3-6-00_oro_1.jpg'> http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/6
  17. this post seems to be pretty unbiased truly benched. and all i can think is; "jesus, graffiti has gotten bad..................." -jerk182
  18. funny how zen filled his piece. kinda like xraying an old rembrandt to see the over painting. oh yeah and captain underpants. -jerk182
  19. this thread is fucking rad. the only buses ive seen crushed like that were in chicago. i think they had plexi windows though. but at night you could read that shit from outside the bus as it drove by. -jerk182
  20. hey jeebus. what did the twist 89 look like? was it misdated? thats pretty hard to believe. can you post it? id love to see it. that black and white handgun sound pretty dope as well. -jerk182 (hasnt been to a yard in a month.)
  21. ive been intrigued lately about the lives of these old trains. of the trains posted here has anyone caught them? and if so when? when the magazine came out i always wanted that strip to roll through my area just so i could see what the hell that light in the "i" was. i have never seen any of these in person. -jerk182
  22. speaking of stay high. anyone seen that autorack stay high piece? it was in some magazine i think cavs did it. has anyone ever caught it since? always wondered what happened to that thing. -jerk182
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