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  1. heres another. i like this one. http://www.fototime.com/{2AEC7622-9F78-4D6E-B1B1-0F17BF74A163}/picture.JPG'> from chukycheez's thread. -jerk182
  2. sounds like i wish this thread worked. can you fix it? -jerk182 (has only seen 5 ghost freights ever.......)
  3. sounds like i wish this thread worked. can you fix it? -jerk182 (has only seen 5 ghost freights ever.......)
  4. from flowershirt's thread. http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL51/1047462/1970831/23601310.jpg'> poop is funny. -jerk182
  5. is 84 the real year on that sk8? or did he sometimes use a number with his tag. if so. thats definately the oldest "graffiti" ive ever seen on a freight. -jerk182
  6. http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/1714.jpg'> i think ive said this before. but this truck is possibly one of the best pieces of graffiti ever done. smart, witty, clean, fresh letters, good colors, concise theme and on top of it all pre 9-11 prophetic. fucking dope. -jerk182
  7. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00283130f00000011.jpg'> bump....... via cheesecurds thread. -jerk182
  8. http://graffiti.org/nyctrains/3_ghost2.jpg'> damn. this thread came back from the dead...... -jerk182
  9. are you joking? or is this something people really get butt-hurt about these days? -jerk182
  10. bump. just watched tweaked and twisted for the first time in 10 years. times have changed.............. -jerk182
  11. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00306047f00000119.jpg'> whoa i wanna see that logo..... -jerk182
  12. damn....... my 3rd board ever was the 145 craig kelly micro air. remember it? it had the red orange and yellow speckle graffics. shit was dope. and all i wanted was a day gloe jacket a new roll of duct tape and a mambosock. what year was that board anyways? i cant even remember how long its been. craig kelly was dope. supersmooth soulfull freerider once he stopped killing it in the pipe. can you imagine getting paid to helliboard? not a bad way to go................................. rip -jerk182
  13. is that a NEW sien5? sure hope so. -jerk182
  14. http://www.deepinsidethemind.com/sub/2line/2.jpg'> from deep inside the mind. dope site i'd never seen before. -jerk182
  15. http://www.at149st.com/images/alive.jpg'> at149st.com the most amazing site ive seen yet........ -jerk182
  16. http://www.seenworld.com/images/fullsize/Trains/page3/9muchpsychoraz.jpg'> from seenworld.com. seen, need i say more? -jerk182
  17. i know there are a few threads with a lot of subway flicks but lets start an official list of sites with ANY nyc subways, running, scraps or cleans. these flicks are rare and so damn fresh, any that you find should be made known..... (if they are hidden tell us where on the site they are.) im also curious of some of the european sites with nyc cleans on them....... -jerk182 http://www.lounge37.com/pics/freights/freights63.jpg'> found this on lounge37.com mixed in with their freights.
  18. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00300278f00000019.jpg'> hec on a freight............ (from someone else's thread.) -jerk182
  19. http://www.kryzo.com/hf_15/IMAG0000.JPG'> FINNALLY found some more charlie shit (kryzo.com)........... anyone else? -jerk182
  20. no comp! THE SOLO ARTIST. -JERK182
  21. illegibility = fame retardent. -jerk182
  22. any info on BUC? fucking dope! -jerk182
  23. i always check every hydracushion hoping to find a charlie................ not yet. in the mean time keep this thread alive! -jerk182
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