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  1. random thot 10.27


    that new keanu movie looks pretty good. John Wick. 86% on rotten tomatoes.


    speaking of keanu, also enjoyed the pilot for Constantine. one of my fav movies, just because. and i felt they did a pretty good job for the pilot..... chaz is probably my favorite character right now.

  2. yeah i forgot about it for a month.. then signed on.. still the same.


    people seem to be just parking and reserving pages but i don't see a lot of stuff happening. yet?


    its kinda like i don't even know what to do on it AND like you said i don't even know where to navigate because it's all like driving in one of those euro cars where my wheel's on the left side instead of the right!

  3. I got it at Walmart but around the fancy cheese section with fancy crackers.


    It has the consistency of a very thin crunchy cookie (like the gluten free ones, which i like) but not chewy. super crunchy, and tastes fantastic. like the hella cooked ends of a brownie.


    that one had sprinkles of sea salt and caramel chips. it was bomb. and i HATE a lot of things chocolate. like cake and ice cream.

  4. for fist, from dlush:


    "Awe that's awesome! Tell them I say hello. Wow, I haven't thought about the OZ in forever but I do wonder where a lot of people are...tesseract, pistol, That one couple...gosh I forgot her name. She was half flip and lived in Italy and her boyfriend lived in Canada and they met on the oz. mr bojangles! The joker!"






    random thots 10.22


    at work, just had a vending machine breakfast burrito, still hungry.


    it's too quiet in my classroom... need to put on pandora, but dont know what station.


    why is it still fucking hot and it's almost november. oh yeah, vegas.


    oh shit. need to start on my kids halloween costumes.

  5. Awe, thanks for the run down!


    and i don't think your "life is stupid" knowing these. i'm glad you're around to fill me in! and super cool symbols is still here.


    i chat with devilush pretty much everyday... rental and sherm too. we all met on here and grew to all be best friends.. we travel to hang out with each other whenever we can. especially sherm since she's only 5 hours away from me. (vegas > la.)


    and witty and i are facebook friends so thats cool. not sure if he comes around here either... he's all a dad and stuff, married and got a baby girl :)

  6. i just checked all my pictures from my vegas trip and I cant believe i didnt take any flicks from there!....i guess we were too hungry and just jumped right in.


    from what i remember the food was pretty good...like an 8 or 9 out of 10, but there were a couple of things we didnt like.


    first off, when we walked in we noticed that there were 3 different lines....one for pork, one for chicken and the other was for meat i think...so imagine if you wanted to try all 3, youd have to stand in one line, then the next, then the next...stupid setup in my opinion, but it was me and my lady, so we just each stood in a separate line.


    next, it was waaay too smokey in there because about 3/4s of the shop was the kitchen and only 1/4 was the inside dining area....so to get rid of the smoke they had huge industrial fans...one of which was pointed at the meat line....so after i got my pork tacos i stood in line behind some stupid couple that took forever to order a couple of tacos and some carne asade fries....at that point my gf came over with the chicken tacos to wait with me...since the huge industrial fan was blowing the smoke right in my face, while at the same time cooling down my pork tacos, we decided to just say fuck it and pay for our food and go outside...


    we went outside and flys everywhere....i said "fuck this shit" and we went back inside....once again flys everywhere too....so we found a table by the back next to the bathrooms...that didnt help....we ate some pork and chicken tacos, and then i went back and stood in line to get some steak tacos....got them, came back and we ate those.....while we ate the second round we watched a drunk mexican guy stumble in (this was around 2pm btw) being helped by his mexican friend...and head in the bathroom and stay in there for the next 10 minutes.


    long story short.....food was good...the taco sauce they had was good...the portions were good...the price was mediocre...i dont know how i spent a total of $25 on 2 drinks and some tacos...the actual establishment sucked.


    we actually have some good mexican spots out here in northern cali (for example, last night i had a carne asada super burrito that seemed to be about the size of a newborn for about 7 bucks and it tasted really good), so i doubt i would go again if i go back to vegas.



    From what I was told, this place originated in TJ or something. A friend from cali was down here and that's all they ate. I could definitely get passed the flys and smoker part to try it once, but if it's just aiight then I probably wouldn't go back. They're building one closer to my house so I'm hoping is a cooler setup, sans flies and shittiness.


    $25 for 2 drinks and tacos... whuuut. i hope it came with beans, rice, and chips!


    my pal said I needed to try "mula" which he kinda described to me as a cheese quesadilla with the works in it?


    ANYONE ever had Mr. G's in Yuma, Arizona? My Inlaws are from there, so whenever we visit we need to go to Mr G's and get their rolled tacos and bean burritos. DOOD. So good. They have bomb salsa.... and even won an award for it. You can taste mexican oregano in it. Ahhh I am salivating.

  7. random:


    *every now and then I get bored of the internetz and then remember this place.. maybe about 4 times a year I would come by and check out the cooking with are2 thread and the what you're eating super pooper thread (or something like that.) because i love food porn, whether it be a struggle dinner or some 5 star steak and sushi spread. lately i've been checking more often. I think the last time I was fully active was 2004. before that 12oz was like all of our facebooks. but cooler. much cooler. (hate FB.)


    questions / more randoms


    -where is everyone?

    -whatever happened to kr4446 aka makros?


    -show me your boobs?

    -most of the ladies that were on here?

    -one of my favorite people was King Of.. i think the hill. Older dude who was mad wise and cool.

    -bodice ripper

    -boogie hands

    -who remembers ^s^ ? :D


    someone fill me in. this place is really quiet.. but ya know thats not really a bad thing.




    random pt II:

    so looking around, saw there was only one sticky... KIR's epic road trip across america. holy shit!

    I was restless at around 3:30am this morning and spent almost 2 and a half hours and 50% of my ipad battery life to read the first 30-ish pages. No spoilers! i have about 20 more to go. but pretty freaking entertaining, and well as inspiring. i, like alot of you definitely lived vicariously through his writing and photographs... and wish I would of been around in 2011 where he was updating everything real time and sending out moldy ass jerky. i'm at the part where he *almost* went to jail because like 6 cop cars wanted to search his car. good stuff. i need to read that shit listening to the into the wild soundtrack.

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