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  1. cool ra-ul once said 'my shit so off the hook its dissconnected'
  2. actually last night was all about your hands turning pitch black in less than a minute...:crazy:
  3. you dont understand... ive seen that movie more times in my life than i have gone to the bathroom.... thet movie never gets old...sloth sold out though... damn that crooked faced crack-baby
  4. that eruptoe is.......it's..................damn fucking good
  5. stay simple..your letters will become more complex after a while
  6. no one is biting anyone.. its just a style.. its a new style that soon tons of kids will probably be using.... i mean, at one point somone did no-negs... then others.. then OTHERS... at one point someone did 3-d pieces... then others... its a really good style, and i could totally see how more than one person would use it. even if they didnt know it was a style being used by another writer.. blahblahblahblha bob saget sucks.. punch him
  7. i played it for the first time a couple days ago.. i couldnt put it down... beating old women with bats its a hoot.. the missions are fun too!
  8. im gonna kill myslef... that first wall is SO GOOD... vizie has become one of my favorite writers
  9. i hate visors, and anyone who wears them.... JUST BUY A FUCKING HAT!
  10. hmm... uhh.... wait.....uhhh.... ok yeah, sigh is alot better than me.
  11. nelly... that dude.. just SUCKS!! he has NO talent.. his voice sucks.. and he makes up his own fucking words.. everytime i here one of shit ass songs i wanna kill someone..die nelly, die
  12. thats been happening to me.. its a paint in the ass... i have no clue what its all about.. it hasnt happend in a while so im guessing its ok now...


    grey is amazing..PERIOD
  14. nice.. that garage door with all the tags does not really exist anymore.. ant ik did a throw over it.... its really too bad.. that garage had alot of history on it... whatever..... anyways.. blastoe is cool.. pbs 2002
  15. grower http://a9.cpimg.com/image/D1/E5/7966929-0acd-02000180-.jpg'> 3...2....1.... http://a8.cpimg.com/image/E4/E6/7966948-4620-02000180-.jpg'> cyber blob http://a5.cpimg.com/image/EB/E6/7966955-b3f0-02000180-.jpg'> opiates..(bad flick.sorry) http://a4.cpimg.com/image/1C/E8/7967004-ed14-02000180-.jpg'> zoe http://a2.cpimg.com/image/F2/E6/7966962-a304-02000180-.jpg'> kem5 http://a9.cpimg.com/image/21/E8/7967009-3732-02000180-.jpg'> im boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  16. The Goonie is and will always be the best damn movie. sloth sold out though... chunk is cool.. mikey is a geek.. dana fucking rules.. mouth is a wise ass.. but the fratelli brothers are just the fucking best...i happen to be big fan of that movie.
  17. the champ is the best damn begger ever.. he is in harvard sq in front of that 7eleven. man this guy has more expensive clothes than anyone around.. he stands there yelling "CHANGE FOR THE CHAMP! CMON HELP A BROTHA OUT WITH SOME CHANGE!" when you give him money, he talks to you for a second and says something along the lines of "thanks man, yo, if anyone fucks with you, talk to me! ill straighten them out' this dood has my back!! and he can have yours as well if you help the champ out soon!
  18. seeking, you are the god of talking shit.. YOUR SO DAMN GOOD AT IT!
  19. blink182 is the same as usher, except with guitars and drums.
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