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  1. Bob marley Desmond Dekker Charlie Parker Josh White misfits the clash modest mouse chocking victim ugly cassanova and slick fucking rick!
  2. just because a piece has arrows like that does NOT mean that he is biting grey. and color schemes!? how can you say that someon can BITE a color scheme.. yes, maybe if they do the same fill and if the colors are really original.. but colors like that.. come on now. they are just regular colors.. im sure youve done a black and white piece before.. are you biting twist!??? NO!! your just doing a piece of grafiti whith colors you think looks good, your painting graffiti, yuor having fun, and if homeboy was to bite someone else.. let him be, as long as your not biting anyone then why should it matter to you. i just cant stand it when people pretty much STEREOTYPE a writer because of a super small thing he may have done a piece "WHAT!? that kid outlined with brown hes biting grey! he sucks, i hate him, booo, hes a toy" ..argghh this shit pisses me off..
  3. LEFTOVER CRACK.. CHOCKING VICTIM... luaisfnlasigdfjkDIEoajg;efa
  4. its the drink that counts ^^^
  5. could you give me the link for his site?
  6. and work on your handstyle
  7. your not a thug. you dont leave crews as dust, and you dont control anything. other than that, it's not bad. Try doing something a bit more simple.
  8. the skate or die train is awesome.!!
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