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  1. So rome gets four games for a late hit, no blindside, horton admiring his pass, gets smoked.

    Go back to the SJ vs VAN series, Rome gets crushed blindside into the boards from behind, misses 3 games and theres no suspension. Im not saying he didnt deserve a suspension at all. he did, i thought 2 games would suffice, but its the inconsistant handling of these hits that bothers me. And why the fuck did they keep luongo in net for 8 goals i have no idea! Anyways game 4 will be interesting. Its too bad we have andrew peters on loan to some team in NY or we could dress someone to scrap thorton. Also andrew ference has to be the biggest faggot in the world, hanson has been crushing him with hits since he was plugging around in calgary.


    And again, "where are all the canucks fans now" like were scared to go on the internet now cause the bruins won a game, get fucked! people have lives outside of hockey and 12oz, no one is scared to go on here! just makes you look retarded saying that shit

  2. Starting Loungo is going to end Vinegault's coaching stint. How can you expect to play this dude again and expect different results after the past 2 years?? I've found another forum with canucks fans that are willing to argue. Guess ill go hang out there lool.


    So you think that cause the canucks lost im scared to come on here? or maybe its because i work in the daytime and not at a compter desk. And just the fact that you are searching out canucks fans to argue with is pretty pathetic and gay. you're no diferent from the canucks fans that everyone hates cause they talk so much shit and have uneducated hockey opinions. i hate those canucks fans with a passion aswell. like i said a page or two back, i dont mind discussing the teams or games or whatever, yes im a canucks fan, but im not here to argue about predictions, and the way youve already got it predicted game by game through the quarters and semis, and your rooting for the 8th seed, put some money on that shit genious!

    Its fucking hockey man, its a game, if the canucks win im happy if they lose i go on with life...

    and im sure as FUCK not scared of visiting a website because we lost 2 games, that actually made me LOL. Go argue with those likeminded canucks fans you found, and if you wanna discuss hockey like a normal hockey fan, come here and do that. like i said above aswell bolland would be the game changer, and seabrook is massively overated.


    ANYWAYS i think the whole eastern conference is basically a toss up and most of those series will go 7 games. makes for exciting hockey.

    and the west that anaheim nash series is wild, ruutu shoulda been suspended more than one game cause that was some seriously dirty shit, and hes a repeat offender. i really dont get the way they are dealing with suspensions at all

  3. did you not watch last nights game??


    games 1-3 they did not have dave bollands line fucking them.

    last night that whole line got shut down, and looked fucking silly. bollands line had 3 goals..

    and the bobsyline did jack shit.

    and all i was saying was if the canucks don't find a way to score other than the sedin twins it's not looking good for them, especially if bollands line shows up every game and does the exact same thing they did last night..

    and they need to either put corey s. in.. or hope luongo isn't still :shook: from last night because he got lit up baddddd....

    and the hawks are a hard bunch to get rid of, you should know that they fuck you guys up all the time in the playoffs, once they get their scorers rolling it's over.


    and who gives a fuck if i'm a bruins fan? the fuck does that have to do with anything other than the bruins v habs series??

    this is a thread on a forum, for people who like hockey and have insight and opinions about hockey games, players, coaches, and the league in general..

    it only matters what team you rep when your team is actually playing.


    clearly you didnt understand the bruin fan reference, as in you believing chicago will come back from 3-0, just as philly did against you last year. i could give two shits to argue with you people about hockey predictions, it just dosent make sense to me. ill be at the game tomorow and time will tell what happens:scrambled:

  4. canucks got BUTT FUCKED HARD.


    especially luongo... he's back to his old ways, of not being able to stop a beach ball in the playoffs.


    if the nucks don't win the 1st game back home... the series will be over for them... especially if the other lines can't come up with some scoring.. and the sedins keep getting shut the fuck down.. then it's gonna be over.


    If by shut down you mean point leader in the playoffs?? and ya your right if they dont win the next game the series is over... everyone cries and gets angry when a canucks fan says were gonna win the cup(which i have never said, i just watch it unfold as it does) but you can predict that if the canucks dont win tomorow that the blackhawks will come back from a 3-0? whats the diference? maybe you think that cause your a bruins fan... :D

  5. B's rattled Price a bit last night. The winning goal that he gave away was disgusting. I mean, if you're a habs fan :lol:


    Pitbull, some good news for you. No Seabrook tonight, but Dave Bolland is back in the line up. He's not a game changer but he's a great role player ... fuck I hope the Hawks don't get swept tonight.


    Bolland is definantly more of a game changer than seabrook in my opinion. Seabrook gets nailed right behind the net with his head down every few weeks, this is playoff hockey! he should know better by now!


    and mosluggo, what team are you thinking is gonna give us a handful? not disagreeing with you, but for discussions sake im wondering which teams you think thatll be, detroit is looking really good, but howard is the ?mark there, SJ is good, but goaltending there isnt very solid and big choke artist Joe thorton with his whopping O pts and 1 hit isnt really all that intimidating. as far as the east goes, it seems like alot of those teams peaked mid season and are kinda coasting right now. the pens/tampa series is fun to watch though

  6. I'm an oilers season ticket holder.

    the nucks and the oil have had a pretty nasty rivalry the last couple years.

    Also I hate the 'holier than thou' attitude a lot of people from vancouver have because they live there.

    I also hate the douchebag canuck fans that come into rexall and beak beak beak.

    Cockiest bunch of losers in the NHL - 40 years later they have no cups to show for it but you'd think they won it every year the way they carry on. Every time I kindly remind them of this fact they get all worked up and get even douchier.


    Take city on smash for example - canuck fan. Need I say more ?


    Dont take COS as an example of all canucks fans...

    Fun to see them beat the hawks 3 straight

  7. All invites been sent homies---So is there any way anyone else can edit the season settings and all that other shit (Invites ,, Draft etc) ? Or is it only the person who started the league??

    Ovechkin can say whatever he wants. He's the shit, even though he does some questionable shit sometimes. And He's most likely not going back to Russia so who cares??


    Also Maury is the best show on tv



    no invite recieved

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  8. the way canucks fans talk shit on the internet about all the other canadian teams you'd think they do nothing BUT win stanley cups.

    chicago could repeat for the cup after seeing what bowmans done this off season, a lot of that depends on turco but you could argue that niemi isn't much better than turco either.

    flames will have no secondary scoring, again, unless tanguay shows up but at 1.7M he's cheap even for a third line guy... no loss there. I don't see jokinen doing much.

    you're out of your mind if you think balsillie is getting an NHL team, just not going to happen, there is about as much chance of that happening as there is of bettman bringing another team up to canada.


    i have yet to talk shit about any other team at all. the only other canadian team i dont like is calgary, and thats only because i lived there the last 4 years for work and went to all the canuucks road games in the saddledome. calgary fans are the absolute worst.


    @tt did you ever go see tex?

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