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  1. Nissan is making Datsun models again.


    I sure hope the 240 makes another appearance in my lifetime


    I heard a rumor that they will be using the Chrysler partner ship for this endeavor. If true, Im not expecting much.


    I other news I picked up a barely used turboxs exhaust for my 350z for next to nothing. Going back to stock cats. Nice deep burble at idle, slightly louder than the Nismo at full blast. Very little drone. yay.

  2. Last year some crazy bitch broke into a friends apartment and lit it on fire, burning down the whole apartment building. Didnt find out that she was the cause of the fire till the dumb bitch bragged about it on facebook. Eventually cops nabber her, and shes in a mental ward now.


    Dude lost everything. Pretty much everyone in the apartment building didn't have insurance. They lost all their shit too.


    Get renters insurance.

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