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  1. why can't ray charles read? cus he's black. hate me.r.i.p.
  2. i hate that group so much.
  3. i've done my share of traveling here is my list: buffalo(lord have mercy) phoenix,salt lake city and all those states there are lame san antonio and many small ones in between.
  4. the skinny dude spun at this club here the other day.i was told it's a-traks older brother.
  5. supposedly iceland has a very high suicide rate.
  6. although we only got to hang out once and paint i do feel the pain.especially considering he was close to some of my friends and crew members.he was definately like hallowed and everyone alse described.bore went out like a true soldier.r.i.p. man.
  7. let's see more........
  8. dude proves graffiti is still worth looking at.
  9. hey girls stop the retarded name dropping and let the pics do the talking.the end.
  10. hey girls stop the retarded name dropping and let the pics do the talking.the end.
  11. Spoter

    American beer.

    yeah it's somewhere around 4 i think.canadians are always so proud they're beer is stronger.truth is one of them is measured by weight and the other by volume.so it's not as much of a difference.although i must say i haven't had the shit beer runs since i've been drinking canadian beer and imports.there's some decent micro breweries in the states though.
  12. also if you're a beer snob....don't poor beer into a chilled glass.it takes away the taste.
  13. if you drink beer for nutritional values(haha), all the yeast is in the head.so a little head is always good.nothing's worse than flat beer.
  14. vert.he's been part of the dallas scene for some years now.i don't know who the fuck atem is.besides vert is a nice fella and his canvases are amazing.word to the godz.
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