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if you dont think euro steel is fresh, stay the fuck out

Discussion in 'Metal Heads' started by im not witty, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. im not witty

    im not witty Guest



    (and a little self promotion because i care about the little guy. haha)

  2. T.T Boy

    T.T Boy Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 18, 2001 Messages: 21,803 Likes Received: 41
    ya know its wierd, even tho i am in holland, it still take forever to load those dutch images.
  3. ExcedrinPM

    ExcedrinPM Junior Member

    Joined: Apr 14, 2002 Messages: 150 Likes Received: 0

    Man, Euro shit is so not fresh.

    Oh, there's the door? I'll be on my way.
  4. im not witty

    im not witty Guest

    yea , im trying out a new photo hosting site, imagine what its like for us poor americans.;)
  5. Jewish Task Force

    Jewish Task Force Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 6, 2001 Messages: 1,626 Likes Received: 3
    Hey TT boy, whatever you do, dont go to the Bulldog. They rip you off. The coffeeshops outside the Redlight are cheaper and better.
  6. SE4_2002

    SE4_2002 Guest


    Arr, i`m trying to remember the tram number that takes you to the Arena hotel, it`s on the outskirts of Dam, where we found this loverly little local coffee shop, where funnily enogh only the locals went, well cheap and just reggae playing NO BANGING TECHNO!!
  7. I love euro steel, beutiful.

    On the A'dam thing, just roam around and you'll find a good coffeeshop, you gotta try a few anyway...
  8. imported_b0b

    imported_b0b Guest

    Re: ..

    Tram 9 or 14 or bus 22. Rocking hotel, you can hire playstation 2 for your room.
  9. SE4_2002

    SE4_2002 Guest

    Cheers Bob, Bloody nice hotel, I found the club to be a wee bit off key..But hey..It`s all good..You don`t know the name of that little coffee shop about five mins walk away had a little upstairs bit where you had to hang on a rope cos the stair`s were sooo steep..All I really remember is when you come out of the hotel you turn left and go past some Teach tags..
    p.s you having a beer tonight?
  10. Vlad

    Vlad Senior Member

    Joined: Jan 9, 2002 Messages: 1,876 Likes Received: 0
    pumping with dopeness :king: