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wu-tang fam

bomshot joins the wu-tang fam

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Bomshot joins the Wu-Tang Swordzmen!



In a sudden rapid and exciting chain of events, Bomshot of the Devil'z Rejects joins West Coast Wu-Tang members Christ Apostle, The Holocaust, and Omega Red to form the Wu-Tang Swordzmen! In Bom's own words, 'I'm honored and its a great priveledge to be affiliated with the Wu and the Wu-Tang Swordsmen. No other team has taken hip hop further in terms of knowledge, skill, and styles so bein a part of that is a blessing for me..'


Although the Swordsmen have yet to release an official album together, members of the group have multiple Wu-Collabo's on Major Releases such as RZA's 'Bobby Digital,' Killa Army's 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,' and the Black Knights', 'Every Night is a Black Knight.'


In regards to Bomshot's new baptism into the Swordsmen, Christ Apostle explains, 'I only deal with official, universal soldiers, so I'm definitely proud to have Bom down wit us.' The Swordsmen are in the initial stages of recording their official release so stay tuned for further developments..Congrats!




<A href="http://www.myspace.com/thedevilzrejects" target=new><IMG src="http://www.chanhiphop.com/albums/Flyers/bomshotwutanglogo.jpg"></a>

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