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space is the place

OLD DVDs and unreleased DVDs

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I'll try again then. But really, I don't understand how asking questions about DVDs can result in 3 threads being locked without answers to the questions.


Does anyone know if FX The Movie DVD is still available because I am unable to find a copy for sale or download in Europe.


I would also like to know if anyone has information regarding the movie Infamy which premiered LAST September. I'm particularly interested in information regarding its availability on DVD or P2P networks.


Also, does anyone know if the subtitles file for the trumac movie where they visit NYC is on any P2P network?


Now I'm asking three specific questions here. If anyone can answer them please do so. If you can't answer them, please do not comment or lock the thread.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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this is not a question and answer site, this section is for discussion of graffiti topics. if you want to ficd out that information, you will need to do so yourself. i suggest starting at google.com and contacting the manufacturers of said films.


you post one more thread on this topic, i will block your ip address

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