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first try advice?

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hey.. this is a friend of a friend (jklol) of mines first attempt at something, not including testing out how long it takes to dry on some abandoned tunnel

anyway, it was done at a school.. as a bday present (yeahyyeah shh)




did it at night, and only had a torch so i stuffed up the bubbles as you can see, and the actual thing is really simple and boring.. i had to use stencils for the edges and stuff because it was too hard to get them clean without them :\ and if i sprayed it to close it'd start dripping and stuff ><


it was all done with some cheap cans from bunnings, i dunno how the other people get edges and stuff so clean cut.. and without overlapping

i read the post on clean painting but it didnt really help much (dripping problem or it went everywhere if held too far)


im guessing this is the right section for noob attempts, cos its the yard right? so.. any tips for what i could do? thanks


*edit* ah yeah was gonna add more detail, but was in a bit of a rush so couldnt get anything done

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Tell your friend of a friend to make his own thread so we also close it while saying, PAINT BIGGER, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

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