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Issac Brock

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Ewwww... This REALLY bums me out. Being that i personally have lost quite a few friends that were writers over the years i can very much empathize with this situation... While it is definitely is NO excuse, I can say that if in fact there was a JAUNT under that ASKEW/AUGOR they were completely unaware of what they were going over and in no way meant anything malicious...


The last thing i or my crew/friends would ever want to do is go over a deceased writer. this is a really shitty and unfortunate accident.


DSD your a loud-mouthed retard looking to stir up shit and instigate drama all to draw attention to yourself in some weak attempt to get a rep.


-I REALLy hope that a JAUNT wasn't gone over here and this is just another case of this dude trying to stir up shit but nevertheless expect to see JAUNT return from the afterlife and take back what is rightfully his.


-On behalf of my friends & crew; My apologies to JAUNT his family & friends & the entire Detroit scene for that matter for your loss...

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Since they seem to be on the "I'm coming to your town, not talkin to anyone and blowing spots out" steez,


that's pretty odd, i could have sworn i've seen the same people we all bump painting with them too...


you know... like gasm, elmer, aires, ayem, melo... you know, locals, the ones that we've all thought are good for years, and respect, and have ups and all that... Yeah, i'm pretty sure i've seen spots with both parties involved...


who's dissing stori? That's garbage...


tead is rapture proof.

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