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In The Future

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taken from www.phong.com



In The Future


In the future we will play kick-ass video games. We will play video games so kick-ass that they will plug directly into our optic nerves; so realistic that we won't be able to tell the difference from reality and the video games, assuming video games of the future will have no Head Up Displays. These games will simulate each of the human senses. Violence in these games could be so grand and over-exaggerated that killing one monster in a game could look indisputably realistic that the violently guiltless memories would stick with you your entire life. Then we could truly experience video games.


What if we realistically killed humans? This could and would result in serious mental side effects for most people, unless the gore was so elaborate that the blood spraying from their wounds would hide the realistic lacerations. Games will have to get more unrealistically violent in order to prevent you (the viewer) from experiencing realistically violent flashbacks.


You will be able to run around in perfect worlds with voluptuous women, have completely inconsequential sex and be able to have a button which delivers to you: instant bliss on demand. Anything that lacks can be materialized and your reality will be subject to repeated customization, by your mind.


These experiences will all take place as our real bodies whither in a dark chamber and people on the other side of the earth starve violently. Human rights activists will try to impose this new society, but those people will be viciously kid-napped, and placed in their own world and they will succumb to the powerful pleasures of a hallucinatory existence. Nobody will be left in the real world, except the people who were unable to afford a ticket to their own fictitious nirvana. These people, living in a dis-functional society, will consume orally (eat), the "virtual" people's real bodies for the quality nutrients invested in their decaying epidermis.


It will only take a few days until people will forget to come out of their worlds to eat, suffer from potent mal-nutrition, and die. Everybody will die.

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