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garth vader1529196962

how come i was deleted!

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Why can i no longer log in?? i had to sign up again, u fucks. is it cuz i mad fun of some people... look i'll set the record straight.... i am a kiddie diddler, i like little girls..i cant help it. me and my friends are always down at the childrens aid society at our reservation trying to kidnapp the kids....

as for the secret thing.. the truth is that a year ago i wanted her sooo bad, but she kept slapping my native ass down and calling me an ugly fuck.. which is true, i am ugly thats why i need to go after little girls... well i'm just jealous of her and mad cuz i cant get any off her, thats why i waste my shit life making movies about her.


as for mero.. what can i say, that guy could kick my ass any day of the week, in fact i actually went to his hood in NYC to confront him, and when i saw him i pissed my pants cuz i knew he would destroy me, so i turned to run, but he caught me and kicked the shit outta me, his foot was so far up my ass i felt it in my throat.. after that i woke up in an alley and there were these three bums around me jerking off on my face.. since i like cum i opened my mouth and swallowed it all.. that was a good day for me.



if anyone has those pics of that 13 year old shoving a flash light in her coochie send em my way, i'm into that kinda stuff.

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