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Guest willy.wonka

what would you know...how to prove that God is there..

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Guest willy.wonka

you see the thing is, i have been through some really wierd experiences...i talk to some other people about it and i dont know if they think im lying, stupid, or crazy.most people think im full of it..





you see the thing with me is.....i have been going through a couple of years where some people around me get possesed by the devil and satan says some pretty ugly stuff to me through my friends,family,girlfriends.


im nowhere near perfect. but for some reason, im allowed to see these things..


for example....i have one beer..one guy with wierd vibes wants to play this staring game with me..i play, then my girlfriend wants to play...during this time, i feel some really evil vibe creepin around...for some reason i feel as if im not looking into my girlfriends eyes anymore..and that im lookin at a demon..we're playing stare and i know for a fact that she knows what im thinking cause im hearing this little evil voice talkin to me..so i start talking back..it got to the point where i told this demon that im strong and i cant be beaten that easily..i told her to blink through the powers of ESP...boom, she blinked...

then this guy wants to play again, i knew this fool was possesed..i didnt wanna play as he's grabbin on my girlfriend and all..i knew that it wasnt them anymore....do you guys understand?


so then this guy touches my leg and i feel some force creepin on my leg..so i start to pray.......as soon as i said amen this guy was gonna touch my leg again,,then it was like a forcefield was aound me and this guy looked at me with hatred and started to curse me...as he lifted his hand away from me..


so while im straight up talking to my girlfriend askin her why she's letting this demon take over her...the other guy goes to the other room,10ft or so away....she whispers in my ear that she's a demon....as soon as she WHISPERED THIS in my ear, the other guy starts yellin at my girlfriend,,"YOU TOLD HIM WHAT!WHY DID YOU TELL HIM?!"


my girl grabbed and hugged my arm and i began to pray again..she fell asleep...as im praying the evil vibe left them both and she woke up...back to normal.


thats just one of my experiences........

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