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Guest BROWNer


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Guest BROWNer

this is the site of steve greer...an apparent 'doctor' of the emerg.

this guy claims to have solid eye witness knowledge of ufo's from

respected, trackable people in the military, political and corporate

structure as well as civilians, all documented on video, all willing to

come forward before congress and testify to get the gov't to release

this info to the public at large, becuz as he says, it could level the

economic playing field of the world, and could erase environmental

problems vis-a-vis alien propulsion/energy technologies............

now..i'm so not into this shit at all. i've thought about it alot, and

had many discussions about it with good friends and family......

and its never seemed plausible to me/us. it just seems absurd. however..

that doesn't mean it should be automatically ridiculed and swatted

off as not worth thinking about.....we all know alot of people out there

that are just like you and me claim to have had real, tangible

experiences....one of my best friends claims to have had 'close encounters'..and

he's a great guy, totally normal and smart....so...

this guy seems to be either a very slick talker, or he

and his so called eye-witnesses really believe what they are

talking about. that doesn't make it real mind you, but along with

the fact he's got these military and political figures adds a tangible

patina of credibility to his 'cause'. unless of course they are total

flukies, in which case the media thats given him a podium to speak

is completely irresponsible in their 'credibility checks'....

just go to the site, dick around and listen/watch some of the media

files and get back here with some thoughts.

maybe this guy and his cronies are perpetrating a really really dry joke....:o


the website:



the media section:


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Guest blink_ATX

word up, i wanna see this fool go all the way. im sick of government cover-ups what are they planning to do with that shit??? kill all the humans???


fucking authortarian sacks of garbage.

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Guest platapie

the wrolds not ready for aleins. as much as some are. most of the world will not be able to cope with the fact that there is aleins.

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