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  1. So I’ve decided to bring attention of the public to this issue hoping that they’ll be more considerate. Printed out like almost 100 notes describing the whole situation and dropped them at each apartment that is near my place (didn’t cover the whole development cause it’s like too much). Guess what, even public shame didn’t do a thing to those not nice people. I feel like it gave them even more passion to sit there and knowingly annoy people around them. Like seriously, what’s wrong with those people
  2. So I live in the apartment complex. We face this beautiful green property with the golf course. Like a month ago a group of people (baby boomers age) started to gather right in front of our windows and have this 4-5 hrs long loud conversations with yelling and shouting. They even drive up to unload their chairs with tables where they lunch. It would be just fine but they behave so loud and especially on those beautiful days when you want to have your windows open but you can’t cause all you hear is them as you were a part of the conversation. We put up a note politely asking to move slightly further away from peoples windows but all they did the next day is laugh at it. They decided to do it on purpose. As one of them stated: apparently some people shouldn’t live in the apartments if they cannot handle neighbors. And I have a 11 months old baby that wakes up from her naps cause they yell so loud with ALL THE WINDOWS CLOSED!! I just can’t. They are so ignorant. I was so polite about it. But now all I want is to find a way to get back at them and make them stop coming here. How hard is that to move your damn chairs 20 feet away?!?! Any suggestions? Maybe spray something that smells for a long time??
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