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  1. I been on this site for years. Idk why I made an account for the first time today I've used this site since when Obama got elected. Orginally from The Bronx stuck here in KY.. Was hoping of heading back home and doing a whole NYC run hit it hard however with recent circumstances and shit you couldn't pay me to go NY. If anyone gunna be responsible for my death it's gunna be me and I'm imma go out like champ not taken out by the fucking Chinese. Anyway I'm going off on a tangent really want to see if anyone HEALTHY (keyword) wants to link and practice social distancing do anything from bench to paint IM FUCKING DOWN. I'm of being trapped in the house due to quarantine because someone didn't wash their hands before eating Chinese food. Listen I'm tryna get out this house if anyone wanna link I'm in Lex right now I'm down to link with anyone not coughing their brains out but preferably someone that knows the area knows the yards the spots etc. But whatever I know no one gunna answer but ya boi is stir crazy at this point bruh I got cabin fever god willing someone answers lmfao.
  2. I literally been on this site for years I just made an account today.. wish I was back home in NYC I woulda took you out
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