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  1. free hype dude been locked up for like 3 years now and is still up on the rails like crazy.
  2. Here is an ARMN, Shoe TKO and I painted
  3. Here comes some self promotion. I finally got an 8000's Lineage or E&J Lineage and I rocked some black letters on it. Got to paint with someone I look up to in the freight scene that night too. Shock UC TCI he rocked one with the style king Shoe OG Payer got on the panel next to me
  4. Came across this pic from back in 2018 while browsing my photos for a project I'm working on. Zoomed in to check the build date, BLT 11-72 meaning this box is on its last month of riding the rails if it's still in service. That's if my understanding of the life of boxcars or railcars in general is correct. It's that they have 40 years on the rails under rule 90 and the rule 88 extends it to 50 years with proper maintenance. well I just learned it could be extended to 65 years https://public.railinc.com/sites/default/files/documents/OT-24.pdf the 65 years of service would explain the ARMN BLT 03-69 I saw in Kansas City recently. I was tripping off the fact it was in service but now I want to go back and paint some of them grandpa reefers.
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