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  1. Yeah, I worded that entry kind of messed up. But it was my friend who got caught, not me. He wasn't arrested, he told the cops he had paint on his hands because he is an artist and was working on a painting earlier at home. He was pretty cooperative. Total the fines are $600. We ran after the guy came up and started grabbing his hands to look at them. He's going to just plead guilty and pay the 2 fines. Yes, we are new to the graff game (my friend and brother turned me on) and, embarrassingly enough, we are in our mid 20s, not kids. Oh, and neither of us have any prior record.
  2. Need some legal advice, if anyone has experience or might be able to help. It would be much appreciated. Scenario: -2 friends are out tagging. -Random guy supposedly spots 1 guy tagging a mail box. -Random guy rolls up on 1 friend and asks to see/grabs his hands looking for paint -1 Friend runs away from random guy because he is kind of spooked. -Friend stops running because he states he has done nothing wrong, and was merely running because the guy freaked him out (guy kept up with him) -Random guy calls cops, cops question friend and take pictures (he had some paint on his hands) -Tells cops he ran because guy spooked him, fully cooperates with cops, and is let go. -Weeks later receives 2 fines, 1 for vandalism 1 for criminal mischief. My question is, they didn't arrest him in the first place, he had no paint or anything on him when cops came, and they supposedly found a paint marker or same color paint used to tag on said mailbox. Only "evidence" is the guy who says he saw the guy tagging. I feel like this is all complete bullshit. If anyone has some advice or might be able to help, like I said it would be much appreciated.
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