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  3. What should I do? I can't drink or smoke weed for a year...I got it from sharing needles..i know stupid of me
  4. My letter's look fun and sometimes too text book. I want my shit to look raw. Cold as ice, and they look like, a man in a suit and tie just normal. I want that shit tohave swag.
  5. I do my highlight's but it seems like they don't make the letter shine. Like they're just there and don't have any effect besides making my sketches look actually uglier then before. Is there a trick to these? I am starting off using pencil then using pen
  6. Sick of doing basic bubbles and squares/triangles. It seems like sometimes my detail ruins my drawings. How can I make it so it makes it look more complicated and not shittier? (excuse my French) Sorry if I'm posting too much or not enough in one post, just kind of schizo with it
  7. My sketches have terrible 3d effects, except for my O's. The 3d effect looks like, I fat line and not even an angled letter. When it comes to the bridges I can't even make it look good at all. It looks like a checkered board and not even a slab of letter. Anyone have any advice how to make these brighten up a slab?
  8. I got caught and did 15 months in county that's why I ain't been getting up like I used to. My letter's just don't look lean or clean or whatever. They don't look mature enough.
  9. Don't have a camera at my crib, only at my parent's house. But I do have a flick of this piece I did like 4 1/2 years ago, gasp, cover your eyes. Ugh, don't even look at this. Terrible garbage toy shit surburban punk stuff when I first started writing unfortunately :S Was big into drinking back then and being a dumbass. Obviously this is terrible and I've learned a lot since these days. But it's just fat and ugly, I wish I could slim down my stem's and bridges. It look's too graffiti-ish and less mature/professional. I want a balance of both to become the best writer in town..And please save the shit talk, I know it's whack and unprofessional and pathetic but I'm doing my best in my black book to prevent mistakes like this from ever hitting the walls again. This was down in the Suburbs too so I guess it's okay for that. I've been reading a lot of books that have taught me a lot about using pencil's and the important of black book, I'm starting to learn to feel comfortable violating my lines and kind of using them to my advantage. Intersecting stuff then erasing. I know this is black book forum but I don't have any way to upload my shit. Lol, it's funny because I was like 500 pounds overweight when I did. I live like a half hour from my parent's house walking so really don't feel like getting the camera. Maybe you can move this to the brick slayer's. But this really is a true depiction of how much letter's go down on paper, how they start, just big and sloppy like this. I start to slim them down, but it just doesn't feel natural. Feels like I'm fighting myself. It's like my A's barely have enough room to hit the hole at the top, at my B's feel cramped and overweight. My G's feel whack and certainly my S's are slacking too.
  10. Dude, quit posting your wife on this site.
  11. I try to make my letter's skinny, but they end up looking fat and ugly. I feel like an anorexic writer. I am overweight so maybe my personal appearance respresents my shit on paper? Any help?
  12. http://archive.wkyc.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=18115 writing for you nigger
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