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  1. Please ride the lines and tell me how cute it looks right now
  2. Pardon me for clogging up this thread.but ima make this as clear as I fuckin can, and public cuz I know you toys are watching, It seems like none of you have respect any more, ragging burners with straight letters and throwups, dissing gouge, kasr,gator,shaz, cave,sork,pleks,strike,lekt,gman and others, have you forgotten what the red line looks like in the 90's? Straight pieces and burners, not fuckin effortless straight letters and throwups following the internet trend, I don't care what crew you run with or gender, me and my boys will lay your ass on the lines! It's gonna take more then bear mace, try me! You know who y'all fucking are...fuck a half ass beef, this shit is as bad then dlo, stoen, i25er or ment from back in the day, stick to your blackbooks,
  3. Ayeeee, that fool gman back from the dead, you dudes keep uploading more quality flicks man, loving the crispy flicks, And the way this thread is turning out, I'll go back to eating processed food and zip cheap malt liqour now
  4. http://freshpaintnyc.blogspot.com/ ;) couple "stuff" to look at
  5. there ya go disco wizard more quality flicks............. i dont know about @dmvskaterr sexual identity thoe, that kids friend ran away when we caught him in the tracks..bump kuthe nepal nehi voyer grale juju and gouge there ya go man... oooooooo and that ocho sonnnn! and all those other dudes getting back up in there feet...ill have flicks soon enough...........i should stop the chit chat now.:D :D :D :D :D
  6. not the best flicks....but better then street tags
  7. were you at "skizzy" tell your boy to pick that phone all ready famo.........:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. this right here is funny......deuce on top of another deuce only difference is that kasr burns...what is the ceo of 2dk teaching yall on that half ass graffiti store in Georgia ave?lol peep the Little ha! tag on the o. idk im just trolling......sidebust?
  9. hell yea..that n4n d30 and juju doing thannngs:lol: :D :D btw any one caught that begr and lekt street side fill............. my new balance be like that.......wack
  10. Dude, lord zest is the shit!
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