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  1. Apoxy probb got more style then you washed old mans on the interwebz,haha and more ups, voyer gets up but y'all dont,my man boobs are almost reaching the size of ultra kgb, :lol: but hurt mid aged man haha
  2. Yes papi,big titties,whats the hating for I'm a cool ass youngin to be around,haha don't be so but hurt and get up at least,..no one is starting the shit talking but you:( :( :( I won't self promote my toy shit for your sake mkayy papi :( I'll just upload other peoples work and keep the thread going ,quit the chit chat I'm over it, but yea who got the flicks brehhh, keep that dc shit going yall
  3. ohhhh fashoo sahn, :D :D :D respect
  4. fuck those recycled instagram flicks brehh, i guess its better then something
  5. thats it for me, yall keep the dc thread going;)
  6. And spying on my boy at his work place? Fuck is wrong with you shawty? He's a cool dude should had said hi? If you can't do that in a public place?imagine when we are all alone in the tracks? Your not gonna back up your silly instagram screen shots?30 year olds need to cool it with spying on youngins, you can get arrested for that and lord knows what the state will add to those charges...not one private message
  7. It's cool im done with the talking, like I said, this thread hasn't been active in a while,at the end real niggas know, throw ups over piece fuck that whack shit, let me run in to y'all and it's done! But hey we all choose a side, I'll tell you one thing thoe, it's going to be and Interesting year, y'all just sit back and enjoy the ride, shout out to the real doooodes dedicated in taking time and doing real pieces y'all know who you are,let's bring that dc flavor back, and to the dudes with the beef keep it coming it's the only hope we got for this crap city, peace and harmony to my brothers and sister, enough talking I'll upload some quality flicks and we shall keep this thread going and leave this shit talk behind and let the streets talk!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  8. at this point i wanna see someone clean up voyers mess, beware thoe he might do a throw up over your sshit,its nothing but throwups on the lines right now, it has never been this bad, im thru with the talk....toodles
  9. haha, that guy skizm, im over that shit,:lol: thats like a beef that will never end, the whole city can dick ride on his gay ass funky straight letters...dc graff is dead and its gonna stay that way. half you active witters cant do something rivs, sime, or done can do:lol: :lol: yea yea im a toy, but i dont do the same shit style or self promote, on "instagram" you dont gotta like my shit, but best believe your gonna see my shit pop up every time you ride the lines until it runs:rolleyes: :rolleyes: ..hahaha
  10. cmon now voyer step up little bitch.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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