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  1. Only time this thread isnt completely dead is when yall are beefin' on the interwebs. Bump with a small contribution
  2. No, i wouldnt say Id be okay with it, but i dont think it matters if Im okay with it.. Im not cope2, nor do i have any affiliation with him. You're also using a somewhat extreme example to prove a point. All im saying is youre ragging Trikes for pushing the same letters as an older cat, but you seem to hold an uneven amount of hostility to him, when theres other writers in the area who have done and are doing the same. I dont see much resemblance in his style to Trike GND, other than the obvious knowledge of letter structure and interaction.. would you disagree with that? are you saying hes biting more than the word itself? Style?I understand you're argument, but i dont understand why youd single out one writer if theres more than one doing this. No disrespect, but unless you have a problem with him personally, i dont see how youre argument could be that sound
  3. unrelated, but id also be nice to see the finished Albany skyline canvas.. was looking nice when i passed by
  4. Id second the charlie brown flick request.. and as far as this argument based on style over symbol or vice versa, you identify yourself by crew as well as word, and crews are what define and differentiate writers. You can call trike out, but the fact of the matter is he's up and his shits here to stay. As mentioned before, theres other writers in the area with similar or exact words matches, but ultimately its about your decision to go against the societal grain, and get out whatever you damn well please, and define your existence through "deviant acts". id say, quite humbly i must add, give the kid a break.. hes rocking daily and thats what counts over all else.
  5. haha, "No need to name drop!" .... *name drops* Anyways, respect the product, not the process. if Kids are up, theyre up. if thats a problem for you, rock something better on top so they know the line of command. Props to all the writers going steady; old and new.. ya all know who you are
  6. ovrdose is good but ya need bigger paper now! haha fuck fitting shit on one page. cool center highlight, looks good
  7. Haha, *raps in front of Rad piece, home boy throws up Caked sticker*
  8. Colts: I was downtown yesterday shooting on assignment and it was very much so covered. Whats a photoshop? And yeah, guess we are all just trying to get up.. sorry I haven't been in it a decade like you, PLAYA
  9. Hmmm...... Sad to see this one go
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