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  1. i know thats why i was trying to get some people to bomb some shit but people are being pussies and shit
  2. not gonna lie seems sketchy as a bitch but seems like there are no writers around here only thing i have seen is a shitty tag no throws burners nothing. i mean you guys dont have to believe me but im gonna start getting up around here so all shitty tags prepared to be capped
  3. wo no homos please but its cool yall wanna be on that gay shit ill be sure to cross out you homos
  4. sorry i know this is not what this is for but im looking for some writers in the 757 area im new to the game and trying to up my shit ya know so if ya could help apreciate it
  5. well im new to the game trying to get some people that love to write and florish ya know. its all about surrounding yourself with the rite people so if your in the 757 or near message me reply whatever just hmu. also looking for people who like to bomb
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