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  1. Yo peep DUBL side busting that Nekst!!
  2. You kids have cellphone numbers? Posting conversations in public space about your spots.....go find a pay phone.
  3. You dont hit an old ass man simply bc you dont hit an old ass man. The "game" has not not changed. The rules have not changed. Only the quality of writer has changed and it don't look so good...... Bump that Stori and no daps to toys with mullets and nose piercings destroying the property of the working man.
  4. In 1999 I buffed over some toys that hit the rooftop on the Synagogue. I would post the flix if I could find em. Before and After. Graffiti is about respect. Assaulting a man who could be your grandfather?! Writing on houses of worship?! TOYS ........at best. *READ "Bomb the Suburbs"*
  5. I'm such a graff writer even my deodorant is spray! But then I'm like I'm such a graff writer I don't even wear deodorant
  6. Yeah I was there I bombed it!
  7. Children should learn to speak to your elders with respect. Don't get put over Sect's leg now. Gonna make em take off his belt.....
  8. Do you know what you quoted? If so. Do not make light of the suffering that no person should ever have to experience ever again. Never again. If not then I will tell you. It was on the entrance way to Auchwitz. Auchwitz was an extermination camp built and facilitated by tha nazis in order to exterminate the Jewish people during WW2. What went on in that camp no one should ever know again.
  9. How about this? I will start. New rule, fellas. If anyone talks shit back it up and say who are. No screen names. You said it? Be accountable. Let it ride. For the sake of clarity this is BIGDUBL!
  10. Sometimes past your20 color fill in masterpiece just lies an ugly outline. Spend the more time on your letters and worry how you are going decorate them after. Go big and forget the four foot by four foot 15 color pieces.OG Semetic graff bomber solo mission trooping BIGDUBL repreznting The Chocolate City.
  11. Old Justo sketch. Golden. Finally. Keep it comin
  12. Happy Chanukah, y'all! Str8 from from The Holy City. Keep the flix coming!
  13. Straight HATING on white Germans!
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