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  1. ^^ that last production!!!
  2. the other day I went back to Flickr and was like oh shit the photos are so huge and I can see the entire piece!
  3. yeah.... instagram these days...
  4. ^^ Cant go wrong with that one...
  5. You got the wrong person man. But keep talking about dudes and dicks all you want.
  6. ^^ you spent time looking for a photo of 2 dudes kissing???? edit that shit man *delete* thanks.
  7. lol smells in here... just saying...
  8. that green/purple Mek holy shit!
  9. Great Post! Too many to bump! Good Shit!
  10. yeah doug meet me at Brittany's tonight! 10pm!!! Ill be next to the dart boards drinking a beer. Ill show you some cool spots!!
  11. thats one way to handle an object in the way of a sick mural!!!
  12. I remember driving by that Rei back in the day... shit was wild.
  13. if you know this is not what this is for then why are you posting it? Do your shit and I'm sure you will run into people on the street...
  14. no way this is cool... now i can paint trains in my living room!!!
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