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  1. Rebooted everything on computer and now it says^^ if i buy the boot disk will it work again? and how much will it be
  2. True got a free kill today. Tpbm couldn't wait for Friday to arrive
  3. False, I shall try it now. Tpbm pre order battlefield 3 and is picking it up at midnight the 25th
  4. True, Tpbm thinks ihop is better than Denny's
  5. False, The person below me prefers black ops over mw2
  6. False. The person below just went to a funeral
  7. False just buy what I need. Tpbm starts school tomorrow
  8. False fake tits are awesome. Tpbm thinks strippers are dirty
  9. False, The person below me is going to be massgraff replying to this
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