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  1. Asalt Is Fu$#in BAD..!!hands stand feet down( ONE UP )2 da DUDE ..'
  2. [/img] I don't know who this is but fresh, down from San Antonio
  3. Their he isn't ,stolen again [/img]
  4. Yea I like this better [/img] Stolen.
  5. Diluted


    No kidding.Word em up! I curd the same booty slipping thing..,any these cats actually rape men? I mean my mans,!out the four wall cella aswell., because BGN is a national prison term for booty gettin niggas a.k.a booty bandits.HaHa shits nuts yo
  6. [/img] How ya like that shit bunB
  7. is rone cik, anyone herd of this?Knowing of mone! Does it persist
  8. Diluted


    [/img] Most balls'd out thing I've seen in while in my town
  9. Caught cause for southern traffic [/img]
  10. Idk bout stylin.! Now that's a hoot
  11. Ooh man the Last photo:NASCAR gimic is too fuckin rad!!! Race car jackets and I'm spent!'
  12. O baby 3Bk all the way!
  13. [/img] Reputingly too G 4 my string.no joke!
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