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  1. I understand. Just not looking enough! there is plenty of walls covered regularly! even roof tops now more! keep looking up you'll c. and i got something fresh coming soon to all you haters! haha thanks 4 the motivation! :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  2. put freights where they belong!! thats why modesto sucks! Too many unmonitored toys running around the hood! Brick slayers is referencing walls not trains! make a modesto thread in metal heads! and talk shit too, it makes me smile!
  3. http://youtu.be/ptsQ6V4wsNI
  4. Bad genetics doesn't need to be shared! Keep your family out of this.
  5. so Now I have at least one person from almost every crew, crossin me out!! ahha i didnt do shit but get up! thats kew tho, keep waisting your paint on me! I get up too much to worry bout you crossin two or three a night!! thanks for the recognition!
  6. anyways! stay up! going for a walk. got some stuff to cross out and put up! YEE! oh and MPD, stop Killing Our people!!
  7. Lol, asking for pics? y dont you put some up. instead of whining. this is a taco burrito conversation, nachos!!
  8. I think hail satan got the Pig picture! lol he aint talkin no more either! I cant decode that.. shit is irritating me trying. I trieed 1667, but I cant seem to figure it out lol, laaame
  9. I havent seen any ADK where I walk.. they in Modesto at all?
  10. haha. pigs b on here all the time.. Why would anyone want to call anyone out? although a very wrong allegation, its not nice to put up names here where pigs be checkin all the time!!
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