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  1. I understand. Just not looking enough! there is plenty of walls covered regularly! even roof tops now more! keep looking up you'll c. and i got something fresh coming soon to all you haters! haha thanks 4 the motivation! :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  2. put freights where they belong!! thats why modesto sucks! Too many unmonitored toys running around the hood! Brick slayers is referencing walls not trains! make a modesto thread in metal heads! and talk shit too, it makes me smile!
  3. http://youtu.be/ptsQ6V4wsNI
  4. Bad genetics doesn't need to be shared! Keep your family out of this.
  5. so Now I have at least one person from almost every crew, crossin me out!! ahha i didnt do shit but get up! thats kew tho, keep waisting your paint on me! I get up too much to worry bout you crossin two or three a night!! thanks for the recognition!
  6. anyways! stay up! going for a walk. got some stuff to cross out and put up! YEE! oh and MPD, stop Killing Our people!!
  7. Lol, asking for pics? y dont you put some up. instead of whining. this is a taco burrito conversation, nachos!!
  8. I think hail satan got the Pig picture! lol he aint talkin no more either! I cant decode that.. shit is irritating me trying. I trieed 1667, but I cant seem to figure it out lol, laaame
  9. I havent seen any ADK where I walk.. they in Modesto at all?
  10. haha. pigs b on here all the time.. Why would anyone want to call anyone out? although a very wrong allegation, its not nice to put up names here where pigs be checkin all the time!!
  11. my profile picture is something i did in my homies bedroom
  12. you just gonna have to do some research.. I wont post my shit on the web at all, maybe slyly with someone elses stuff tho.. Ill say I have had beef with three crews out here. Afk TBC and AK. probably some other fools hatin too
  13. haha I feelz ya.. thats why people are starting to hate on me here. I may not be hot shit, and the name might not be an original, but I am up almost as much as some of these good cats out here! free anything is good too! shit Im solo so no love for the name, ya know?!
  14. haha. dope man! Yea from the stack fremont oakland and the dro! A road trip for some Hot shit sounds about right! i got a while before i get on some legendary status, but until then I stay up almost every night here.. I dislike the political part of this city really. and MPD sucks!!
  15. Hayward/Bayarea, wrote a different name out there.. I havent really seen anyone mess up 99 in a while. Its always getting buffed!
  16. hahaha, your so tuff! Havent seen STDR since I got out here! 2 years ago.
  17. Im One Man Solo. No one even knows me. Walking the streets here getting up, until TBC wanted to write over me. haha, crossin em all out too!
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