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  1. kutso


  2. kutso


    Omens need to check into Louisville, all them cats out there are chomping hard.
  3. kutso

    NC graf.

    same shit different panel, lets see something NEW.
  4. kutso


    That Tackz shit is terrible. Ragoe came along way doe
  5. kutso

    NC graf.

    wtf? ^^ I hope that is rollin out on you
  6. kutso

    NC graf.

    I hope yall weren't painting those freights in the day time. If so LOL
  7. kutso

    NC graf.

    That Stuke kid needs to change his name like yesterday.
  8. kutso

    NC graf.

    Post some of them Berth handstyles.
  9. kutso

    NC graf.

  10. kutso

    Made U Look

    http://vertualvertigo.bandcamp.com/album/sound-of-the-zeeker-mixed-by-dj-sight This guy right here ^^^ Likes to tell fairy tales about how he is C3PO.
  11. kutso

    Made U Look

    Ether and Utah team chemistry off the chain.
  12. kutso


    I would take Sone's word for it he's all knowing in the fields of bolognia and graffitisms...
  13. kutso

    NC graf.

    Ya'll niggas gay on here arguing w/ toys like you're actually going to get through to them. Go patrol spots catch em, beat they ass, and line em out...you know like real heads do.
  14. kutso

    NC graf.

    There's some shit from this year in NC also.