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  1. I can only imagine the back slapping that would have been going down while those two were knockin' out those pieces..
  2. does anybody know what the fuck is up photobucket these days? fucking ridiculous. Try using Flickr.. you won't get that auto rotate problem
  3. apologies for the quality, taken from a train. This is all I have of said writers unfortunately. I think that SideFX Pick fence was on the first roll of film I ever developed upon getting into graff..Was mad hyped on that Side FX
  4. I do recall seeing Soke and Cover pieces on the mentioned factories at Tempe. hopefully somebody has some photos that they can share. It's nice to know there was a time where every writer known or unknown was out doing their thing, before Instagram and all that shit.
  5. now that you mention it I can recall seeing it early on in my career. This guy has been writing it as an alias, I will mention it to him.
  6. Smash 137 about an hour ago Looking for a lawyer knowledgable in copyright/trademark law in Australia!!! Please PM me. hmm, I wonder who this might be about! haha
  7. props beggar? wouldn't that define somebody who isn't actually up as much as they make out by whoring out photo's of their own tags and throwups? I've never heard or seen you up is all.. no need to be mad.
  8. nice to see some decent handstyles mixed in amongst the usual trash
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