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  1. Single most devastating moment in my existence, not being featured in a magazine that does spotlights on the likes of Pasio. Agreed to the All Stations comment.
  2. Illegal Fame and Clouded Thoughts are possibly the two worst Australian mags ever printed. I'd be offering somebody money to take them off my hands.
  3. You don't get style like that hanging around and chafing cunts at Lo-Fi
  4. quite a career he has had 100 x other peoples styles 2 or so quick panels minimal bombing 100, 000 gallery appearances t shirt features and an ego that only Mundeen could challenge at least we have provided him with the a theme for his next wall, when as usual he takes the moral high ground against those who tell it like it is. I would have thought someone who has studied art and design would have known the difference between referencing/influence over direct biting. Painting with the person does not make it right..and to think that he is put on a pedal stool. Then ag
  5. suck off sessions is all they are. Guys like Glato and Ekats come on the scene for a minute, do a few tracksides and two or three panels and all of a sudden they are gods among mere men.. I have no problems with exhibitions in general, or guys making a quick buck.. but it should be earnt in my eyes, especially when there are others out there week after week risking jail sentences etc only to have these types come along when graff/street art is the in thing and reap all the benefits.
  6. Why are so many no namers hosting exhibitions these days?? What ever happened to actually going out and doing graffiti?
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