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  1. bump ceno, my nigga snaxs and that old stori straight on the last page made me smile a little bit....bump police scanners also, shits been pretty wild from the shit iv heard......dudes chasing fools with hammers? detroits on that hammertiiiimmmmeee......
  2. go back to where you came from, no better than half the out of towners, except obviously yall have no respect if you going to fuck with a lil kid, who you didnt even phase and said you hit like a grandma, when yall think thats cool to jump a few innocent kids then fuck off, its not even graf related this time.....oh and stealing an rip tom book? thank you for that, that bitch had ABSOULTELY NO fucking meaning to you....but it meant something to toms crew.....RIP not hating on some of you but i still am, sorry i have to.....
  3. 6 on 2 is a way to fucked up. i just dont understand that, a 17 year old on top of it who had nothing to do any beef? come on.....where are graf writers morals...bricks also? that means you were just out to really fuck them up. thats straight hoe shit.....
  4. pear dominates deroit graf...pear get the fuck at me if you see this no beef its for god ol tom RIP
  5. nekst, snaxs, jmack,dyke, jasp,esay and pear all damn day....
  6. yogs, ehc, jasp, that lil fool snaxs for progressin quick nd the ghost of tom....oh 13 dollers grams too thats always great if your poor!
  7. rip tom 1, nsf crew, shock nd sw graf
  8. I got a giggle from that....why is there limits on reps );
  9. ^what do you mean "its that time of year"?
  10. rest in paridise tom 1, i miss you nigga...might have to get drunk or something tonight....try to wash down a 40 which everyone knows i dont drink eh, maybe a few benzos....tell your friends you love em cause not in a million years i woulda thought tom would have been dead before any of my other friends since the day i met that nigga.....rest in paradise, hope your having fun wit tupac drinkin 40's eatin xanys and chilling.....ill see you soon my nigga...catch a few tom tokes in heaven while your at it....HS BIA GT<3<3
  11. eh ann arbor graf is what it is....but some of these young cats doing straight up burners and not even 18 yet. almost sorta old school looking but eh its rediculious. its pointless to even TRY to paint unless you want 8 thousand years of probation and give them 2 million dollers in cash...im straight, but fuck it.
  12. Bunp that nigga pear all day....yo get at me pear seriously or any of you nsf cats......its almost been a year since we lost a fwllow writer of detroit....rip tom miss you fool, alot....graffiti still suks
  13. ^man them pears got buffed ]: i just drove pass it today thats that shit i dont like! bump that nigga tho, that nsf wall STILL goes hard! vomz, trees nd beast. if i was paid or porab id defintly get on that tip, i should say im porab....id like a few extra bucks to get a ride in a cop car.
  14. Post flicks everyone here has 1920s haircuts.....especially jue and edub
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